Best Travel Stroller 2017 – Infant Lightweight Stroller For Your Baby

Going on a holiday? Worried because you can’t find a good travel stroller for your children? Your worries end here. This article aims to cover the top 5 best travel strollers in the market for 2016.

While writing this article (Best Travel Stroller) and gathering information I have taken into account the stroller’s weight, car seat compatibility, popularity, price range and storage options. When travelling I as a parent would recommend to take a stroller along as it will solve half your problems.

Considering that you might go sightseeing, it will not be possible to walk with your child as well as heave your children’s things along with you.

A travel stroller should be lightweight and portable. Moreover make sure that a travel stroller has basic storage options. A stroller with storage options will allow you to keep your shopping bags also.

Also keep in mind that travel stroller should have a good canopy and a good set of wheels. All these factors will help you to enjoy your holiday without a glitch.

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Best Travel Stroller



Chicco Capri – Best Travel Stroller

Strength: Quick release umbrella fold, ultra lightweight

Disadvantages:  Non adjustable handle, not compatible with car seats

Suitable for: toddler, tall children,

Rating: 4.8

Price Worth: 5



If you are in the market for a low budget and stylish travel stroller, then the Chicco Capri is the one for you. Chicco strollers are a brand to reckon with so you should be rest assured that the stroller though low budget is of top quality. Keep on reading to get well versed with its features.


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Wheels and Maneuverability

The Chicco Capri though low budget comes with a good set of wheels. Firstly the all wheel suspension absorbs the bumps on the road and makes the ride smoother for your child. Moreover the front wheels swivel giving you more room for maneuver especially in tight places like corners and aisles.

The front wheels can be locked. If you want to park the stroller then the rear wheels too can be locked. I recommend it as a travel stroller because of its lightweight. It is perfect for your daily chores, and walking as well.


Weight and Fold

The Chicco Capri weighs only 11 pounds. Yes, you read it right, its just 11 pounds! This stroller designed in Italy comes with a quick release umbrella fold. It comes with a carry bag and shoulder strap to make it easier and compact to carry the stroller. The stroller can be used up to 37 pounds.

Again the weight and fold are features that seal the deal that it is one of the best travel friendly strollers in the market. You can go with the Chicco Capri almost anywhere.


Handle and Safety

The handle in the Chicco Capri is not adjustable but is built so that parents of all heights can use it. For safety the seat has a padded 5 point harness. Moreover, the all wheel suspension in tandem with the front and rear wheel brakes enhances the safety of the stroller.


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Chicco Capri has a lightweight anodized frame. Although light weight the stroller is sturdy and durable.



The Chicco Capri offers a large basket that is more than sufficient to keep essentials for your child while you are out travelling or just going for a walk.


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Seat and Canopy

Offering a comfortable seat, the Chicco Capri is a stroller that takes into account the comfort of your child. It has a two position seat recline. The large canopy is adjustable and removable. It protects your child from the harmful rays of the sun. The canopy thus enables you take your child out in all weather.




The Chicco Capri is not compatible with the car seats.

Stylish, designed in Italy, ultra lightweight all these factors and more make the Chicco Capri a perfect travel stroller. Not only is it lightweight but low budget as well. You can easily order the stroller from Amazon.


chicco-capri-best-travel-stroller Review Amazon


JOOVY Balloon Stroller

Strength: One hand standing fold, lots of storage options, ultra lightweight, car seat compatible, reversible handle

Disadvantages:  Non adjustable handle

Suitable for: toddler, tall children, newborn, infant

Rating: 5

Price Worth: 5


With the JOOVY Balloon Stroller you are going to get a feature packed bonanza. Even I was taken by surprise when I realized that this stroller has so many features and that too at a reasonable rate. Moreover it is ultra lightweight, car seat adaptable and so much more. If you want to know more about this stroller, then don’t stop reading.


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Wheels and Maneuverability

The JOOVY Balloon stroller is a lightweight stroller with a good set of wheels. Made for even rough terrains the front wheels are shock absorbent. Maneuvering this stroller is a piece of cake due to its weight. Also the front wheel can be locked easily if you are looking for more stability on uneven surfaces such as grass.

The tricky part in the stroller is that the swivel function is in the back when you are in the reverse mode… Yes, it will take time getting used to but it’s a marvel isn’t it. This is because the handle is reversible.

More about the reversible handle later on. When you park or stop the stroller the rear wheel also can be lock thus stopping the stroller completely.

Getting the stroller through doorways is a breeze. You don’t have to worry about struggling to get through the doorways. This is not going to happen with you with this stroller.

From daily use, to walking and even travelling this stroller has multiple purposes. It can be easily handled whether in car, train, or bus. Thus a perfect travel stroller.


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Weight and Fold

At 12.7 pounds it is one of the lightest strollers in the market. It will hold a child up to 45 pounds. This means that you can use the stroller for many years even till your baby out grows the strollers.

The one hand standing fold makes it easy to store and moreover keeps the fabric off the floor thus keeping it clean.


Handle and Safety

The handle in the JOOVY Balloon is not adjustable but sure is reversible. This is a feature unique to this stroller. The reversible handle allows you to see your child in the reverse stroll mode.

This allows you more face time with your child. For safety the padded 5 point harness is present and also the front and rear wheel locks are also there.



The material is light weight but durable.


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For storage the JOOVY Balloon offers a large basket under the seat to keep all essentials for your child while you are on the go. There are two cup holders one for you and the other for your child. Everything is available right at your fingertips.


Seat and Canopy

The seat in JOOVY Balloon has a multi recline system. It has a near flat position so that your newborn baby and even infant can lie down peacefully for a nap. The handle is reversible so that you can see the baby face to face.

This allows you more face to face time especially when your child is either fussy or in a bad mood. A universal car seat adapter is included so that the stroller is compatible with car seats. Moreover the UPF 50 canopy is stylish and extra large.



The JOOVY Balloon is car seat compatible and the universal car seat adapter is included.

Coming at a reasonable price, the JOOVY Balloon seems to have it all. It has sufficient storage, car seat compatibility, reversible handle, lightweight and so much more. Also it is a good travel stroller too. So if you travel a lot or need a lightweight stroller then the JOOVY Balloon is for you. You can order this stroller from Amazon.


joovy-balloon-stroller-review-car-seat-adaptor-one-hand-fold Review Amazon


 BOB Motion Stroller

Strength: One hand fold that locks automatically, car seat compatible, adjustable handle bar

Disadvantages: none

Suitable for: toddler, tall children, tall parents

Rating: 5+

Price Worth: 5+


BOB strollers as I have mentioned before and time again are in the medium to high range category. But their quality is just too good and worth every dollar you spend on them. So the BOB Motion Stroller is a fantastic lightweight stroller that has its trademark BOB features and quality. Read on to get yourself well versed with this stroller


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Wheels and Maneuverability

BOB Motion Stroller has impact polymer composite wheels with tubes to tubes provide a smooth and comfortable ride. Four pneumatic tires are mounted on these wheels. It boats of a rugged suspension so that this stroller can tackle any terrain and offer the smoothest rides.

The rear tires measure10″ x 1.75″, and the front tires measure 7″ x 1.75″. The best part is that the tires are anti slick which means that even in all weather you will not face any problem. The tubes are pneumatic with Schrader valve.

The wheels are made of high impact polymer composite. The front wheels swivel so that you can easily maneuver this stroller in narrow aisles and rugged terrain. The front wheels can be locked for more stability.

There is the coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers provide 1.25 inches of wheel travel. Maneuvering the stroller is easy due to its lightweight. Moreover the width of the stroller is 21 inches. Which means that you will not face any problem getting through doorways.

Weight and Fold

BOB Motion Stroller weighs just 23 pounds. It might be a little heavier than other strollers however it does not feel bulky at all. It has a weight carrying capacity of 65 pounds.

As compared to other lightweight strollers its weight carrying capacity is almost double. Worth is, I say! You can easily use this stroller till your kid outgrows it and even keep it for your second child. The BOB Motion Stroller has a one hand quick fold. Moreover the frame automatically locks when folded.




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Handle and Safety

The best part about this stroller is that the handlebar is adjustable to suit the heights of different people. For safety the BOB Motion Stroller has linked parking brakes for the rear wheels and front wheel brakes as well.

Also the 5 point safety harness is in place that straps your child in safely and removes the chance of your child falling from the stroller.



The BOB Motion Stroller has a lightweight and compact aluminum frame. It is made of high strength aluminum alloy. It is sturdy and durable. The tires, tubes, valves are high quality. I have already mentioned their description in Wheels and Maneuverability.



For storage BOB Motion Stroller offers a large cargo basket. This is not only easily accessible but also accommodates all things necessary for your child.

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Seat and Canopy

The seat is padded and comfortable in the BOB Motion Stroller. It has infinite recline that allows your child to lay down for his nap.

Infinite positions to 90° from near vertical allows your child to either nap or sit straight and watch the world go by.

There is a large multi position canopy with peek a boo window that allows you to keep an eye on your child. The 4 position toggle system with a 75° range of coverage provides ample protection from the elements.




The BOB Motion Stroller is compatible with BOB B Safe Infant car seats and Britax Infant Car Seat as the Click and Go adapters are included.

The BOB Motion has all features that you will find in high range stroller. I would not consider it as expensive. Features like adjustable handlebar, infinite seat recline and car seat compatibility makes it an attractive stroller.

It also doubles up as a perfect travel stroller. If you loved the stroller then log on to Amazon and order it straightaway.


 BOB Motion Stroller Review Amazon



Maclaren Globetrotter


Strength: One hand standing fold, lots of storage options, ultra lightweight, rain cover included

Disadvantages:  Non adjustable handle, not compatible with car seats

Suitable for: toddler, tall children

Rating: 4.8

Price Worth: 4.9


Maclaren Strollers are a class apart in their style, features and performance. Now the Maclaren Globetrotter is a great travel stroller that boasts of some fabulous features. If you are in the market for a budget yet stylish travel stroller then the Globetrotter is for you. Scroll down to get well versed with this stroller.


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Wheels and Maneuverability

With shock absorbing 4 wheel suspension, the Maclaren Globetrotter has a great set of wheels. A lightweight stroller it has all features of a full stroller. The front wheels like in most strollers swivel so that you have the freedom to maneuver the stroller in tight places such as supermarket aisles and crowded places.

The front wheels can be locked for added stability. Locking the front wheels is easy. The rear wheels have parking brakes. The parking brakes are foot activated. Thus making it easier for you to apply the brakes without any discomfort.

The tires are Ultralight flat free EVA tires thus providing the smoothest ride for your child. Getting the stroller through doorways is easy peasy and be rest assured that you don’t have to worry about the stroller getting stuck in doorways.

Considering its weight and features the Globetrotter is a perfect everyday stroller for shopping, walking and even travelling.


Weight and Fold

The Maclaren Globetrotter weighs 12.4 pounds which is very light for a travel stroller. It has a weight carrying capacity of 33 pounds. You can quite comfortably use the stroller for many years.

This is actually good because you don’t have to be bogged down by the stroller’s weight during travelling.  It has a one hand fold and comes with a carry strap.

The carry strap allows you to carry the compact stroller on your shoulder when not in use. Moreover, the stroller is so compact that it is easy to store anywhere. You can even take it along with you when you choose to travel by air.


Handle and Safety

The Maclaren Globetrotter has cushioned foam grip handle that gives a comfort grip. The handles however are not adjustable. For safety the 5 point harness is present in the seat. Also the front and rear parking brake enhances the safety of the stroller.



The Maclaren Globetrotter has aircraft grade aluminum chassis. The material used in the stroller is lightweight yet is durable and sturdy. The seat is removable and machine washable thus allowing easy upkeep of the stroller.


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For storage you have the large under the seat basket for keeping essential things of your child. As well as there is a built in storage pocket to keep important and valuable things such as phone, wallet or keys.


Seat and Canopy

The Maclaren Globetrotter has a multi position seat recline. The seat is padded with mesh inserts. The mesh inserts allows ventilation so that your child does not feel hot and stuffy in the seat.

The shoulder harness is also height adjustable. The canopy is oversized and waterproof thus protecting your child from sun, rain and heat. The UPF 50+ canopy protects your child from the harmful rays of the sun.

The stroller comes with a top quality rain cover so that you can use the stroller even when it rains.




The stroller is not compatible with car seats. The Maclaren Globetrotter due to its lightweight is a fabulous travel stroller. Moreover the stroller is a budget stroller. The brand name of Maclaren itself is guarantee enough to buy the stroller.

Also the company offers the Sovereign™ Lifetime Warranty that allows you to either replace or repair the parts are damaged. So if you like the stroller then order it from Amazon.


Maclaren Globetrotter Stroller Review Amazon



BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller


Strength: Two step fold, lots of storage options, car seat compatible, and adjustable handle bar

Disadvantages:  None

Suitable for: toddler, infant, tall children, tall parents

Rating: 5+

Price Worth: 5+

 BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Duallie - 5 Safest Double Strollers For Premature Infants (PREEMIES) And Toddlers 2016

On this list this is the second BOB stroller and for a good reason. If you have read BOB motion Stroller’s review you know the power packed features in a BOB stroller. The BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller is the latest BOB stroller with superb features. A little on the expensive, BOB strollers are worth every penny you spend. Scroll down to know in detail about this stroller.


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Wheels and Maneuverability

This stroller is built for the outdoor. It is rough and tough and capable of handling all terrain. Be it walking on your sidewalk, or climbing steep hills or going on a rough trail, the BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller will be at your side in your every adventure.

Firstly let me tell you about the hand activated drum rear brakes that allow you to climb hills or steep inclines without any glitch and that too safely. The front wheels lock for added stability on uneven surfaces or rough terrain.

The state of the art suspension system offers a comfortable and smooth ride for your child. Navigating through rough terrains becomes easier with the high-impact polymer composite wheels with pneumatic tires and tubes.

A knob is available in the front wheel. With a simple twist the stroller keeps on rolling straight. The parking brake enables you to stop the stroller completely. The width of the stroller is 25.4 “. You therefore can easily glide the stroller through doorways.

Coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers provide three inches of wheel travel. Adjustable shock release knobs allow for two shock positions to fine-tune suspension for varying occupants and cargo.

The rear tire measures 16″ x 1.75″, and front tire measures 12.5″ x 1.75″. The tubes are pneumatic with Schrader valve. The wheels are high impact polymer composite that will long last especially on rough terrain.

Don’t let your adventurous side take a back seat once you have kids. Explore and be adventurous with the BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller.



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Weight and Fold

BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller weighs 28 pound and has a weight carrying capacity of 70 pounds. Yes for a single stroller it sure is heavy. But its performance especially on rough terrains is superb. Its weight carrying capacity is almost double as that of other strollers. So, it’s a win win situation.

It has an easy two step fold that makes the stroller compact and allows you to store the stroller in the trunk of your car. It’s a good travel stroller because it is made to adapt to almost every terrain and environment.


Handle and Safety

The handle in the BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller has 9 positions. This allows tall parents to comfortably navigate the stroller without a problem. For safety the stroller has a wrist strap which keeps the stroller tethered to you at all times.

Again the front and rear wheel brakes enhance the safety of the stroller. Moreover if you intend to climb hills then the hand activated drum brakes will ensure your safety at all times. The seat has a 5 point safety harness that allows you to strap your child.



BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller is made of high strength aluminum alloy. While the seat material is made of Poly and Dobby weave fabrics with water repellent coating and open cell foam padding. To clean the seat you should sponge the area with a solution of lukewarm water and mild soap.


Storage options are galore in BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller r. There are two interior mesh pockets in the seat to keep a snack or favorite toys on either side. There is also a large seat back pocket which is perfect to keep phone, keys, wallet and other valuable things.

Then is the large storage basket under the seat for the diaper bag and other necessities of your child. For travelling or shopping this stroller is perfect. No need to carry an extra bag for your child.

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Seat and Canopy

The multi recline seat in BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller is ultra padded. Your child will feel comfortable and cozy in this seat. The canopy is extra large and with 5 position toggle system. It also has a viewing window. Moreover it is large enough to protect your child from the natural elements.




BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller is compatible with BOB B-SAFE Infant Car Seats.  But you will have to buy the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter separately. You can create your own travel system once you buy the accessory adapter and use the stroller from the birth of your child.

BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller is a complete stroller that has every imaginable feature that you can think of. With prime quality seat and frame material this stroller is built for the outdoor and adventurous parents. This is a perfect travel stroller for parents who live their life on the edge. You can buy this stroller from Amazon.


BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller Review Amazon


Travel strollers do not come as a separate category when you go in the market. However you should ideally have a list of features (Best Travel Stroller) that you would like in your travel stroller and a budget. This should narrow down your list to a few. This is what I did while compiling the list. If you have noticed that I have not included double strollers in this list (best travel stroller).

The reason is that for most of the strollers listed here, the double variant is there in the market with the same features. So if you are looking for double travel strollers look at the double version in the same brand. Hope I made things easy for you through this article.

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