Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System Review – Baby Stroller Portola Valley, California

 The Mountain Buggy Mini has many qualities like large wheels, easy maneuverability, and comfortable seat, extra large storage, and extendable canopy, easy fold, high quality fabrics & parts etc.

This stroller is suitable for infants to toddlers, it an all terrain stroller which runs very well in different kind of rough surface.

Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System Review

Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System Review

Wheels & maneuverability

Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel Systemrolls on three wheels, front wheel is swivel & can be locked straight when needed. , parents can take it for long city, mall or park walk. It is an all terrain stroller you can easily move it on rough terrain.

The tires on the mini are a hybrid of EVA and rubber. The tires are maintenance free & very durable or strong in quality.


Seat & canopy

  • The canopy is large enough to give a full coverage to your baby; your baby will be protected by harsh weather & sun.
  • It has a large pee-ka-boo window so that you can see your baby through it. The canopy also had a flip out sun visor, for additional sun protection.
  • It has a ventilation window of two layers of mesh to help keep baby cool, and improve airflow.
  • The seat is very comfortable, you can recline the seat up to a flat position which is very good for infants.
  • You can use car seat adaptor for infants & it will be easy for you to go for travelling with your baby.
  • When your child is become older, you can convert the carrycot plus to a parent facing seat with the second fabric set included with the carrycot. It will be very comfortable for your baby especially in a sleeping position.

Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System Review - travel system with rear break

Safety, fold & handle

  • It has a large griped handle bar which helps to navigate the stroller in an easy way.
  • The handle bar on this stroller is one of the lower handle heights; the bar is covered in a nice cushioned rubber sleeve that is both ribbed, and soft for extra hand comfort.
  • The handle bar is suitable & designed for shorter & longer parents, it can be adjustable from 26″ – 38.5″.
  • There are two brakes are situated between the rear wheels which is very friendly & easy to use, you can control the speed of your stroller.
  • Five point harness system will hold your baby tight & safe. It is very easy to lock & unlock by central release buckle.
  • Talking about fold in this “Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System review” fold is very easy but it’s quite bulky, you will face some trouble to carry it in your home & to carry it for travelling.
  • With one quick release button you can fold or unfold it easily but it is not a one hand fold stroller unlike some other stroller, you need to use two hands to fold.
  • It has automatic lock system & a standing fold, which is very nice feature.
  • One of the best thing you will find in this Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System review” is that you can Connect the free rider stroller board to MB mini’s rear axle to accommodate a second child.

Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System Review - travel system one hand fold


Storage basket is very large to fit a large diaper bag & other stuffs; it is very easily accessible from both the side of the basket. Unfortunately there are no extra pockets to store small essentials like, key, sun glasses, wallets, mobile etc.

There are no cup holders or child tray included, which I miss the most as some how you expect these small accessories.

Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System Review - travel system high quality canopy


  • Stroller weight – 40lbs
  • Weight capacity – 44lbs
  • Product dimension – 35.5 x 23 x 38.5 inches
  • Folded dimension – 15 x 39.5 x 23 inches


Material & color

The fabric on this stroller has a nice tight weave, and did not succumb to intentional snagging. The fit to the frame is nice, resisted sagging, and the stitching was straight, strong, and durable. The fabric wrapped around a nice sturdy frame.

“Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System” comes in red color only.



In comparison of value for money, it is one of the expensive strollers in the market, so it may be not so affordable for everyone but in terms of quality & features it is worth buying. You can various accessories with it like additional storage bags, storm and sun covers, and a bassinet style carry cot etc.

This is durable in nature & having high quality features this will give your baby a happy ride. I hope after reading this “Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System review” you will get know enough about this stroller to buy it.


Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System review Amazon

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