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6 Tips To Keeping Your Child Cool In A Stroller


While strollers help you carry your baby around, there can be a risk of overheating. The problem is especially severe during summer when temperatures are high. It doesn’t have to be a problem, though, and there are things you can do to keep cool. These solutions are easy to implement, and you’ll have your baby comfortable in a short time.

Invest In A Cover

Strollers usually come with a canopy which helps keep the inner part safe from the sun. However, such a canopy cannot provide total protection from the sun. The best solution you can adopt for cooling the stroller is to invest in an additional cover. You set this cover at the front part and in this way prevent the sun from reaching the inside of the crib.

One of the major features you get with an extra cover is protection from UV rays. UV rays are harmful and especially so for babies who are still developing. The material the cover consists of is also exceptional and lightweight. It allows air in and prevents the interior from overheating. You may think that you can use blankets or other homemade fabrics, but it won’t work. It is best to invest in a quality cover that will keep you safe and prevent overheating.

And just in case it starts raining while you are out the cover is waterproof. Your baby will, therefore, be safe from rain and this will save you much hassle. You may also get covers with extra pockets where you might keep essentials for your baby. Such covers are helpful for strollers that don’t have a lot of storage space.

Dress Your Baby Wisely

Babies are developing and so have poor temperature control. As such, it is vital that you dress a baby wisely to prevent overheating. Most parents tend to overdress their babies with the assumption that this is best for them. However, the added clothing could make the baby overheat.

Additionally, the stroller will give extra warmth and so your baby could be quite uncomfortable. On the other hand, underdressing your baby could lead to a host of complications, including sunburn.

Ideally, it would help if you went for loose-fitting cotton clothing. Cotton allows air to move around the body and in this way, controls temperature. You should also ensure that the dress covers your baby entirely. Doing so prevents occurrences of sunburn.

Bamboo is a newer kind of fabric that’s becoming popular. It absorbs sweat like cotton, but it doesn’t retain it. Bamboo allows for even more comfort. In addition to the appropriate material, you should also go for lighter colors that reflect heat and keep the baby from overheating.

Lastly, you could consider dressing your baby in a wide-brimmed hat that covers the baby up to the ears. It will allow airflow while also protecting the baby from direct sun.

Keep Your Baby Hydrated

One of the best ways you can keep your baby cool is through adequate hydration. When the body has enough water, it regulates temperature much better. When your baby isn’t getting enough moisture, the chances of overheating are high as the body loses water through sweating.

For very young babies, you can provide adequate hydration through breastfeeding. It is therefore essential that as a mother, you breastfeed your baby often.

Lastly, you can check the state of your baby’s hydration through the color of urine. Darker colored urine is a definite sign of dehydration and a sign your baby needs hydration.

Get A Liner For Your Stroller

Liners might feel like a bad idea but are quite helpful. A good liner will suck moisture from the stroller and ensure the conditions inside are cool. You could also get a liner with breathable fabric which helps with heat regulation and airflow.

Some liners come with a gel filling that cools your baby by taking heat away from the interior. Liners are usually easy to fit, and you can even refrigerate them before use for more cooling effect.

Use A Stroller Fan

A neat solution to overheating is installing a fan inside the stroller. These mini fans run on batteries, and so require no external power source. A good stroller fan should come with an attachment clip and will have a protective covering. The protective covering prevents the baby from touching the fan during operation.

Homemade Solutions

Lastly, you can also use local solutions to prevent overheating. You can use cooler packs under cushions in the stroller to avoid direct contact with the baby. In the same way, you could keep cool water bottles under cushions to keep temperatures down. If it gets scorching, you could wipe your baby with wet towels periodically.


It is vital to keep your baby cool in a stroller, especially during the hot months. There are several solutions you can go for and they don’t even have to cost you any money.

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