Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller


Baby Jogger City Mini Double
The City Mini Double is a light and comfortable stroller

The Baby Jogger Company began its work in 1984. It was founded by parents who wanted to jog while spending time with their babies. To solve this problem, they designed one of the first strollers explicitly designed to exercise with your baby or take walks or run some errands. It’s multipurpose and very convenient for fitness parents. They have been offering a much more comprehensive range of products. One of these is our analysis today: The City Mini Double. It is a double stroller that’s somehow a peculiar model due to its inability to be used for jogging like the rest of the Baby Jogger products.

The City Mini Double Stroller by Baby Jogger is a double stroller designed for those parents who feel that buying an additional stroller may be too expensive and prefer to carry their children together in the stroller instead of holding one indefinitely. This model is one that will allow you to bring your twins, or children with little age difference, together in their seats side by side.


Despite being bulky in size, it is a wide stroller that can fit and go through any standard door or hallway without any problem. It is possible that in places with more crowded and narrow spaces, there will be a particular difficulty when navigating between the obstacles. But nothing that cannot be achieved with a little practice. The handle to drive it is at a fixed height, which can be uncomfortable for some tall stature parents.

When folding it, the City Mini Double has a system that requires both hands and only one step; All you have to do is pull both handles located inside the seats, and voila, the stroller is folded. When it’s ready, it can be stored in the trunk or the closet without taking up more space than it should. In addition to the fact that it stands up by itself. The unfolding model is also simple and one-step, pull the lever. Voila, your stroller is unfolded so you can take your children for a walk.

Salient Features

Suppose your child wants to take a nap during the trip. In that case, there will be no problem since the comfortable and padded seat can recline (in a slightly abrupt way, to be honest) to the level that it may need. In addition to tilting the back, We have a protective mesh. It allows air passage so that our little one is not overheated. The extra seat gives you the option of carrying a newborn baby. The sun will not be a problem when it comes to getting your baby to sleep a little during their trip since it has a hood that extends effectively and can cover your baby almost entirely from the harmful UV rays. This hood also has a window to observe your baby while he sleeps; unfortunately, this window still uses a Velcro opening and closing system, which can be noisy and potentially wake your baby.


Your little passenger’s safety is increased with the five-point harness. It has an easy adjustment and a fairly average opening and closing system. This stroller is relatively light in terms of weight, which means that you will carry it around, get on and off the car and maneuver it entirely without unnecessary effort. This stroller’s braking system is a bit disappointing as it is easy to put on, but releasing it is an unnecessarily hard job to do; having to activate it from below the pedal, it is possible to even hurt yourself by force required.


This stroller’s maneuverability is excellent for the regularity of its wheels and design; it is relatively easy to carry, turn, and use in different environments such as the park and the city’s crowded streets, despite still being a four-wheel system that could improve. You can block the front wheels in place with a lever; this is for the supposed cases of facing uneven roads, so the truth is not very recommended with this stroller. This car is not designed to do heavy activities like jogging with it. Thanks to its large but standard wheel system, when it comes to tackling bumpy and uneven roads, you can feel the vibration intensely depending on the terrain in which it is driven. It performs better in places with flat surfaces, where it glides smoother and less jolt.


We have two mesh pockets in the space section. One behind each seat, which can hold personal items, water bottles, or even a regular-size diaper bag without any problem. Under the dual seats is the cloth basket that offers you a relatively generous amount of space to store things like toys, food, and other essential items during the ride. Although this feature’s counterpart lies in how difficult it is to access this basket, you may not store things as large as you would like since it is impossible to make them enter this space.


The City Mini Double is a stroller that, although it is a bit out of the Baby Jogger mold. By not being oriented to jogging it tries to compensate with different characteristics, which some are regular at best. None are deficient since they decently do their job, but they do not offer anything new to the table. Its seats are not the most comfortable, and the recline system is not the best or the friendliest. The harness is average, and its brakes, which can even hurt if not handled carefully. Driving does not tolerate uneven roads and the basket, although it has adequate capacity; It is so poorly located that it is difficult to access. The only points that I managed to hit quite well were the folding and unfolding system. Despite being two-handed, it is relatively quick and straightforward. This stroller is much lighter than expected, which adds some extra points but, It’s enough? Not being such an inexpensive stroller, it is essential to ask ourselves this.

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