Baby Jogger Double stroller

The Baby Jogger Company began its work in 1984, founded by parents who wanted to jog while spending time with their babies. To solve this problem, they designed one of the first strollers explicitly designed to exercise with your baby or take walks or run some errands. It’s multipurpose and very convenient for fitness parents. They have been offering a much more comprehensive range of products. Some of them being our topic today: The double stroller line, a list of peculiar models for Baby Jogger, due to its inability to be used for jogging like the rest of its products.

Baby Jogger Double stroller designed to exercise with your baby or take walks or run some errands

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

The City Mini Double has a system that requires both hands to fold; all you have to do is pull both handles in both seats, and the stroller is folded. When it’s ready, you can store it in the trunk or the closet without taking up more space than it should in addition to the fact that it stands up by itself. . The unfolding model is a one-step process, pull the lever, and your stroller is unfolded. This stroller from Baby Jogger may have a big size, but it can fit and go through any standard door without any problem. When crowded in places, navigating can be a complicated task, but you don’t have to worry about it. On the other hand, the handlebar is at a fixed height, which can be uncomfortable for some tall parents.

This model has a comfortable padded seat that can recline to the level of bending you may need if your child wants to nap during the trip. It also counts with a protective mesh that allows the airflow through the chair. The sun will not be a problem since the seat has a hood that extends effectively and can cover your baby almost entirely. This hood also has a window to observe your baby while he sleeps; unfortunately, this window uses a Velcro opening and closing system, which can be noisy and potentially wake your baby.

Key Features

The City Mini Double has a five-point harness with an easy adjustment and a fairly average opening and closing system. Sadly, the braking system is a bit disappointing. It is easy to put on, but releasing it is unnecessarily hard to do; having to activate it from below the pedal, it is possible to even hurt yourself by force required. This stroller’s maneuverability is excellent for having some average wheels. It is relatively easy to carry, turn, and use in different environments such as the park and the city’s crowded streets, despite still being a four-wheel system that could improve.

Thanks to its large but standard wheel system, when it comes to tackling bumpy and uneven roads, you can feel the vibration intensely depending on the terrain in which it is driven. It performs better in places with flat surfaces, where it glides smoother and less jolt. You can block the front wheels in place with a lever; used cases of facing uneven roads, which are not recommended because this stroller is not designed to do heavy jogging activities.

We have two mesh pockets in the space section, one behind each seat, which can hold personal items, water bottles, or even a regular-size diaper bag without any problem. Under the dual seats is the cloth basket that offers you a relatively generous amount of space to store things like toys, food, and other essential items during the ride. Although this feature’s counterpart lies in how difficult it is to access this basket, you may not store things as large as you would like since it is impossible to make them enter this space.

Baby Jogger City Tour Double Stroller

The folding of the City Tour Double is exceptional for how fast and straightforward it is although it requires both hands, you have to pull the handles on the seats, and the fold is made. The City Tour is surprisingly light and pretty compact for a double stroller, considering it’s a side-by-side double stroller. To deploy it, we have to release the automatic safety and pull up, again, an incredible system.

Both seats on this stroller count with a somewhat limited recline capacity, you have to press the safety, and your child will be reclined and comfortable to get some sleep during their ride. Since the seats’ recline does not reach completely horizontal levels, these are recommended for a minimum of three-month-old children. However, it has an adjustable leg rest so that your children’s legs do not hang uncomfortably and an anti-slip footrest. It has a practical five-point safety harness that requires a fair amount of force so that babies do not activate it by accident. However, it still is easy for parents to open and close. The padding of .the safety straps gives comfort to the baby which are adjustable

Key Features

The stroller has a UPF50 factor and can be folded and unfolded in two stages. Also, the stroller is being quite extensive and protective. In a sunny climate or at the beach, we can lower a zipper and expand it, reaching almost full coverage. It also has a window with mash protection and a magnet opening and closing system. Making it very silent if we want to see our baby while he’s sleeping.

The City Tour Double has a sturdy wheel system; easy to maneuver and make sharp turns without any problem; besides being relatively smooth, you will be able to drive through a crowded street or a supermarket without worries or complications. Stroller can perform very well in different environments such as sand and gravel, not without a bit of shaking. Even sandals can activate its brakes; they are soft and very safe when you need to stop on an inclined road.


The basket under the seat is quite broad to carry the twins’ things efficiently; It has easy access from any angle and has a mesh part that allows you to see anything inside. It also counts with quite practical small pockets behind the seats and a bag with a zipper. Therefore keep items like keys, wallets, and phones safe.

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