Basic Guide For Folding a Stroller

Strollers are essential devices to have when you get babies. However, most people getting their first stroller may have difficulties with the folding. This matter becomes complicated when you consider all the different brands of strollers available. Newer brands are easier to fold than older brands but there are still specific nuances in each brand. Also, for some models, you might need just a single hand to fold. The more robust models will require both of your hands.

To help you along the way we’ll go through the basics of folding strollers. We’ll also look at all the problems you might encounter during folding and the solutions available.

Reasons For Folding A Stroller

You may need to fold a stroller as a means to save space. When the stroller is not in use, it is best to fold it for proper storage. You get to save space and store the stroller safely and prevent damage.

Another reason you might need to fold a stroller is for transportation. It is easier to transport a stroller when it’s folded.

Engage Brakes

The first step in folding a stroller is to engage the brakes. Not all stroller models come with brakes, but for those that have them this step is crucial., engaging brakes, you should also lock any swivel wheels in place. Doing this prevents the stroller from moving as you are folding it. Most strollers have the brake devices at the rear wheels.

For swivel wheels, there’s usually a lever that you can engage to keep them in position. Some models come with a button for locking the swivel wheels. You operate this button through the handlebar.

Pull Back the Canopy

The second step is fairly straightforward. You have to retract the canopy back towards the end of the stroller.


Full strollers usually come with several accessories including food trays, and cup holders. You should take out all these accessories before any folding. They’ll, get in the way and will make the folding process an inconvenience. If anything isn’t essential to the functioning of the stroller, you should consider it an accessory. Remove all these accessories to make your folding easier.

Engaging The Locking Mechanism

For this step, it would be best if you look through the user manual for guidance. If you don’t consult the user manual, you might end up damaging the stroller.

Most likely there will be a lever or a button you can engage to lock up the frame. Some models come with a combination of levers and buttons.

Actual Folding

For most strollers, you’ll push the handles to the front and fold at the middle. By doing this, you get the handles lying over the front wheels. The latch we talked about earlier then locks everything in place and keeps the stroller from unravelling.

Additional tips

Never fold a wet stroller as this could lead to the formation of mould. Mould disfigures your stroller and could be harmful in the long run.

Please keep your child away from the stroller as you are folding it. You could accidentally pinch their fingers as you are folding the stroller and that is bad. It would help if you watched out for your fingers too.

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