5 Best Lightweight Stroller Review 2019 For Infant & Travel System

Planning to buy the best lightweight stroller for infants or travel system?

Need help for best travel system stroller ?

Here’s a compact yet refined list that will guide you in choosing from hundreds of the best lightweight baby strollers.

New parents or experienced ones usually feel overwhelmed with the varied choice available in the market. With no time to go through hundreds of reviews for the best lightweight stroller for their little one, parents feel compromised.

Hence I have prepared a useful and short list of the Best Lightweight Strollers in 2019 For Infants & Travel Systems. Without wasting any more, time scroll down and choose the best one for your baby.

With a name to reckon with Mountain Buggy 2019 Nano Stroller, Black brings to you yet another fabulous product in 2019. The company is marketing this best stroller for travel as well as daily use, you can say it best strollers for newborn.

With a weight of 13lbs, Nano sticks true to its name. It has a carrying capacity of 44lbs. So, it’s apt not only for your newborn but your grown-up child too. You can say it now that this is the stroller for newborn.

What’s more amazing is that when folded, the best double buggy can even be carried as hand luggage when you plan to fly. Great isn’t it?

Moving further, the Mountain Buggy Nano is perfectly suitable for car travel too. As I mentioned earlier it becomes perfectly compact when folded. The folding is done in two steps.

Summer days are going to be fun for your baby because the extendable canopy is now made of canopy material as compared to mesh visor previously.

A feature that will have you squealing in delight is the new soft shell cocoon carrycot. You can place your sleeping baby directly in the cocoon and the same can be placed in the car seat as well.

The goodies continue to come in this lightest infant stroller. It comes with a swanky travel bag to store all the essential items for your baby. In addition, Mountain Buggy Nano has a large basket under the child’s seat to store all essential items.

With a sleek design, the Mountain Buggy Nano is a must-have. It is available on Amazon. For those of you who are looking for a less bulky stroller that is light on your pocket then keep on reading.

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ZOE XL1 SPORT Xtra Lightweight Single Stroller (Black Sport) finds a place on this list for being one of the lightest and best-priced strollers in the market. Let’s see what the Zoe stroller has to offer.

At just 9 lbs zoe stroller certainly is one of the lightest and best strollers in the market. Being lightweight, however, it does not compromise on safety. It, in fact, boasts of JPMA certification for safety. So don’t worry for the safety of your munchkin when you opt for ZOE XL1 SPORT Xtra Lightweight Single Stroller. It is perfectly suitable for those who have a slight build and absolutely detest bulky strollers.

Now here comes the most amazing feature. Zoe strollers can accommodate a weight of 50 lbs.


For such a light weight baby stroller it sure can handle a lot of weight!

Going ahead: it can be folded and made compact like the Mountain Buggy Nano. The difference is in the fold. ZOE XL1 SPORT Xtra Lightweight Single Stroller has a one fold mechanism as compared to two fold in Mountain Buggy. This stroller too fits in airplane compartments. It is perfect for car travel to due to its  compact fold.

Accessories are galore in ZOE XL1 SPORT Xtra Lightweight Single Stroller. It boasts of one cup holder and snack holder for your child, and one cup holder for you too. And guess what, all this is for free.

The large storage basket is perfect for those shopping trips. Seeing the overall stroller it’s perfect for travelling as well as for your daily routine you can say it best-traveling stroller.

The large canopy will protect your little one from the sun rays. It also fits through doorways smoothly without any glitches. Kids can sleep comfortably in the stroller.

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The customizable colored wheel caps and shoulder straps allow you to add a touch of your personality to your stroller.

Moreover, the simplebreak system and flexible maneuvering makes it all the more attractive. Three more of the best strollers to go. Don’t stop now! Your choice could be the next one.

P.S – Must Check Out ZOE Stroller If you looking to get Lightweight Baby Stroller 2019

For Infant & lightweight travel system for baby.

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I have added  UPPAbaby 2015 G-Luxe Stroller, Ani Uppababy to this list solely for its popularity amongst mum. Don’t get me wrong ,popular does not mean bad.

It is loaded with features and functions that you may not find in other strollers. Go on glance through what makes Uppababy so popular amongst parents.

At 15 pounds; it sure is on the lighter side. The lightweight aluminum frame is sturdy and durable.

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UPPAbaby 2015 G-Luxe Stroller, Ani has a comfortable carry strap making it easier for you to carry. It has a carrying capacity of 50 lbs which means you can use this till your little ones grows to a toddler.

The stand alone fold makes it easier to fold while juggling several things. The fabric itself is water resistant.

The mesh seat, removable cup holder and extendable SPF sunshade are all there to make your life easier.

It’s a joy ride especially when you can store more in the under seat basket; up to 10 lbs. The wheels are lockable for more safety.

With such attractive features it seems perfect. However UPPAbaby 2015 G-Luxe Stroller, Ani does have its drawback.  It sadly is not car seat compatible. So for taking your munchkins to and for you will require a car seat. A bassinet and adjustable handlebars too are missing.

However if you don’t mind a couple of missing accessories then Uppababy GLuxe is perfect for you. Scores of mothers swear by Uppababy strollers. You too can join the bandwagon and be an Uppababy mummy.

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The Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree

Coming in different colors, Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree Ultralight Stroller is one of the best double strollers in the market. I have added this to my list to satisfy parents who have more than one kid. And this sure seems to fulfill the basic criteria. Read on to know more.

At 21 lbs it sure is on the heavier side. But for double strollers it sure is light. It has an aluminum frame like most strollers. Other similar features are compact fold to store in cars or even to carry in airplanes. So, it’s good as a best travel stroller . It has a universal car seat adapter, thus saving you money on car seats.

It can accommodate till 44lbs in the front seat and 45 lbs in the rear seat.

Now the unique features roll. It has a rain cover. Yes you read it right. Your darling kids can now enjoy the rain without getting drenched. ! Amazing.

It has a parent organizer. Parents will simply love this. You can keep your wallet, cell phone, car keys and other essentials in this.

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller Ultralight has a rear seat for your older child with an option to stand. The huge canopy has an extensible rear canopy too. With three reclining positions it’s perfect for nap time.

With a food tray, storage for baby items, bottle holders, easily maneuverable, it’s like a gift from your fairy godmother.  Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller Ultralight also allows your elder child to take the reins from you and maneuver the stroller and giving you rest.

must have for parents with two kids who love to travel.

P.S – Must Have Best Lightweight Baby Stroller 2019 For Infant & Travel System. Do Check Out It 🙂

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The Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System, Spark Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller , Last but not the least Graco too is a popular brand in good baby strollers. Coming in several colors it is the perfect travel buggy for your baby. Continue scrolling for more information.

The Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System is one of the heavy strollers at 20 lbs.However it matches up in features. It can bear up top 50 lbs. So, it will be your sturdy companion from your baby’s birth to toddler hood.

You can connect your child’s car seat to the graco jogging travel system stroller in easy steps. The easy fold makes it portable and easy to use for anyone. It is also self standing.

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For parents on the go, this stroller has several accessories. It has parents’ tray with two cup holders and storage. To pack in more essential items, look underneath the best stroller and you will find a large basket. Simply wonderful! The child’s tray can be pivoted out easily in order to get your kid out of the stroller.

The reclining position makes walks enjoyable for your little one

So, no more waiting or browsing through hundreds of reviews. This list “Best 5 Lightweight Baby Stroller 2019 For Infant & Travel System” is aimed to satisfy most parents. However if you are looking for something more, this list “Best 5 Lightweight Baby Stroller 2019 For Infant & Travel System” is updated constantly. Hope you had fun reading. If you liked what you read, feel free to share it on the best social networking sites, with your friends and family.

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