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After your pregnancy is over and done with, shedding those extra pounds may become a priority for new mothers. Jogging with your baby is a perfect way to bond with your baby while getting back into shape! So the need for a reliable jogging stroller that fits your needs, while keeping your baby safe, is vital.

Single jogging strollers are perfect for the health-conscious dads too! Jogging strollers have become better enhanced products over the years, catering to the demands of parents. However, with more options of products to choose from on the market, there is more confusion. Here’s a guide that we have prepared to help you make an informed decision.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

One of the most versatile and light-on-the-pocket stroller is Baby Jogger’s City Select Stroller. For all jogging moms out there this stroller is the one that includes a multitude of variations and features. The telescoping handlebar is adjustable, thus, suitable for everyone. Moreover, hand-controlled brakes provide sturdy-control. You can heave a sigh of relief because you just have to lift its sides and it folds itself. Voilà! The lightweight 8” front wheels are quick to maneuver and will help you avoid all obstacles. The wheels are all suitable for all types of terrain.

The multi-stage reclining seat makes this stroller perfect for children up to 45lbs. A small push button makes it easy for recline. The peek-a-boo window offers you a glimpse of what your baby is up to! At 29 pounds, the stroller is not unmanageably heavy. Combined with its ease to fold, the weight is not a worry. A manual lock will keep the stroller closed. If you have two children, the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller can become a double stroller with the aid of a few accessories.

The storage area under the seat is ample and can accommodate many of your belongings. It comes with side pockets as well. But as you go along you will get used to it. And the medium pocket on the back of the seat is quite useful. The five-point harness is present, as it is standard in most strollers. The upside of the five-point harness is to buckle your baby safely and to protect him from any untoward incident. The adjustable crotch strap guarantees usage for children with varying ages and sizes. The canopy provided is a medium size and it comes with a peek-a-boo window. It is made parking/brake friendly.

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Burley Design Solstice Jogger 

The Burley Design Solstice Jogger prides itself as a multipurpose stroller. Be it jogging, strolling, or for daily use, this stroller can be used for a multitude of purposes. The one-fold feature is definitely easier when compared to other strollers. When fully closed, the Solstice Jogger locks automatically.

It boasts of its cutting edge technology known as S.I.T (Spring Integrated Technology). Meaning, it is easier to harness your baby in and equally easy to unbuckle. The whole tangled mess will be avoided. Moreover, the S.I.T seat is machine washable. The extendable padded handlebars are easily adjustable on this jogging stroller. When you pull the handlebar higher, it increases the space between the stroller and you, allowing for greater stride. The handlebar safety strap stops your stroller from rolling away if you ever lose control. The 12” wheels lock easily with a knob. A level recline is perfect and safe for your baby. The five-point harness is equally important and tucks your baby in safely on your jogging journey. The coil spring suspension makes the ride smooth on all terrains. The foot-actuated parking brake is quick to learn and use.

A neat feature we love is that all the adjustment points are marked in a distinguishable yellow— no need to stop your journey to find the brakes or any other knobs. The 3356 square inches of cargo space is definitely bigger than other strollers. It comes with two mesh pockets and a large expandable canopy. The magnetic viewing flap allows you to check your baby without actually disturbing him. The stroller alone weighs in at 29 pounds, but can safely hold up to 79 pounds. Not bad, if we say so. What’s even better is that Solstice is chemically tested to meet US and European standards. The S.I.T, colored adjustment knobs, and other features truly set it apart from the rest. If you have any cause of complaining it can be only for its weight.

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BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller

Calling itself a rugged stroller, BOB’s Sport Utility Single Stroller does function on all terrains. BOB is a known name in the market of strollers. BOB Sport Utility is one of its best designed products and also among the top jogging strollers.

Let’s start with features that set the BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller apart from the rest. It’s the fixed front wheel. This allows for increased stability. At 25 pounds, it is lighter than many strollers. It can accommodate a maximum weight of 70 pounds. It is built strong yet is incredibly lightweight. The easy-fold frame, though not one-touch, makes transportation a cinch. Twisting the front wheel adjustment knobs aids you to steer straight. The parking brake and hand brake are simple to use on BOB’s products. All in all, BOB’s Sport Utility is easily maneuverable. An attached wrist strap stops ensures your stroller never leaves your grip.

The advanced and adjustable suspension provides a safe and smooth ride for your baby. It has a two-position shock absorber. Whether you’re on a jog, a stroll, or at the supermarket, the BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller is perfect for you. The five-point harness has easy-to-use pull-rings for your baby’s safety. The two-step folding procedure is rather simple, but many would have preferred a one-touch fold on this product. The adjustable, padded seat is easy to recline.

Storage options come in the form of a large basket under the seat, a seatback pocket, or two interior pockets. The multi-position canopy offers good shade. The large peek-a-boo offers a good view of your sleeping baby from above.

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BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller

Another BOB product, the Revolution Flex rates higher on the scale as compared to BOB Sports Utility. Most parents worry whether their height is suitable for their baby’s stroller. However, with Bob 2016 Revolution Flex there are no worries.

Its adjustable padded handlebar is suitable for parents with different heights. The swiveling and lockable front wheels makes it suitable on all terrains you may encounter too. It boasts of a BOB exclusive state-of-the-art suspension, guaranteeing a smooth ride free of bumps. The framing is lightweight and an effortless fold can be transported anywhere. It has a two-step folding mechanism. The Revolution Flex is 32 pounds and can bear up to 70 pounds. You can adjust the seat height with the recliner to suit your child’s needs. The one-hand recline gets your seat back in a jiffy. The adjustable canopy protects your baby from the sun. It also has a fully upright position which makes viewing easier for your baby.

This too has a five-point harness that buckles your child into safety. Its extra-large storage space is just right for all necessary things. Integrated pockets are given as added storage space. A large back pocket, 2 interior seat pockets, along with the cargo basket under the seat serve as storage space. BOB Revolution Flex boasts of a foot-activated parking brake. The wrist strap is like a safety harness that stops the stroller from rolling away. It also has a buckle to lock the stroller when folded.

All push-buttons can lock— clicks are highlighted in red or in a different color offering greater visibility, ease, and access.

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Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller

With a sleek look, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is a crowd enticer. It has an all-wheel suspension proving superbly on rough terrains.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller is for all those parents who find folding a stroller a task. With just lifting a strap, the stroller folds itself— compact and simple. What more can we ask? But wait, there is more in line. The handle has an easy-to-use break. It also has a remote wheel lock on the handle in order to switch between swivel mode and a locked position. The padded seat reclines to a flat position and to a sitting one too. This ensures that your baby is safely buckled in no matter the situation. The canopy is large, comes with two, yes you read it right, two peek-a-boo windows. Moreover, it offers two side vents for good air circulation.

Alone, it is 28 pounds and withstand up to 75lbs of weight. It’s effortless to maneuver and also to store. So weight is not an issue.

It’s quite trouble-free to push thanks to all-wheel suspension. The five-point harness is straight-forward to adjust. It has a storage basket under the seat as well as a mesh pocket in the back. So as far as storage goes the Summit X3 is satisfying.

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Think it’s time to purchase a new stroller? These are the top strollers that we found Best 5 Single Jogging Strollers Under $400. However, considering the huge market and variety of products to choose from, it may happen that there are even better products that might suit your requirements.

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