? BOB Ironman Stroller Review

BOB made this stroller keeping active-parents especially in mind. Parents can multitask getting a quality ride with their kids while getting in their exercise. BOB’s Ironman is intended for active adventures, rather than daily strolls. It successfully encounters many features which influence you to buy this stroller. Let’s discuss the all features in detail!

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What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

Wheels & Maneuverability

It rolls on three 16″ air-filled tires made with lightweight alloy. The wheels are thin— they are not your typical all-terrain thick wheels. These are more bicycle-like wheels. The front wheel is fixed, which is good for jogs & rough terrain, but not for park or city walk.

Seat & Canopy

It has a huge full-sun-protection canopy with a large peek-a-boo window. Canopy helps to protect your baby from harsh weather & peek-a-boo window enables you to see your baby’s activities while on ride.

There is no mesh for air circulation in summers.

It is very roomy four your little one. It is 15″ wide and 23″ high from the back to the canopy— allowing continuous use while you child grows. The bottom and the back are nicely padded. It has an additional detachable back support.

To recline, pull two straps on both sides. It doesn’t go to a full-flat position, so preferably, it is not suitable for infants. However, if you want to use this BOB Ironman from birth, you can buy a carseat adapter and turn it into a travel system. It’s very easy to adjust

Handle Safety & Fold

One thing we noticed it that BOB Ironman Stroller’s handlebar is not adjustable, unlike many other strollers on the market. Take this into consideration if you are on the much shorter or taller size. The handle is covered with a padded, foamy material. However, there are some complaints about the grip.

It has an adjustable 5-point harness with padded straps and a center release button. It holds your baby safe & tight!

It has an attached wrist strap to the handlebar. This provides security from allowing the Ironman to wheel away from you. One unique feature that will stand out in this BOB Ironman is its adjustable suspension system with two positions. First position is for children in infant- months up to 40 lb. The second position is for child from 41 lb up to 70 lb. But in any case it helps to absorb bumps & gives a smooth ride to your little tike.

There is one hand brake, which is a great feature for joggers. If you are running down the hill it will make a quick assist in controlling your speed.

There is one foot brake situated between the rear wheels, which is another safety feature, but it is not incredibly user-friendly and easy. It has a two-step fold. You will need to use both hands to fold it. It does NOT have an automatic lock when folded. You will need to put it on the ground and manually lock it by using a clip that is attached to the wrist strap. The Ironman will not stand on its own when folded.


  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Added-weight limit: 70 lbs
  • Folded dimensions: 41″L x 25.5″W x 18″H
  • Handle bar height: 40″
  • Seat-to-canopy height:  23″
  • Width (from the back): 25.5″
  • Overall Length: 50″


It has a large storage basket underneath that can be accessed from the back or sides. You can put large diaper bag along with some other essentials, but it is not suited to support grocery bags. There are two mesh pockets on both sides for snacks, toys, & other essentials. There is another big mesh pocket on the back that you can use to store your cell phone, keys, and a wallet.

Material & Color

The seat is made of a water-resistant material that is very easy to clean. The quality of fabric is extremely good, very safe for the sensitive skin of your baby. BOB’s Ironman comes in two colors: yellow and navy.


You can invest in the durable BOB Ironman offers great & unique features, along with some minor disadvantages, but overall it has a good image within its market. These accessories also work with other BOB models. You can purchase separately a BOB carseat adapter, snack tray, adult console weather shield, fleece seat liner, and travel bag.

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