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BOB Revolution Jogging Strollers


bob revolution jogging stroller
A baby in a stroller

A jogging stroller’s main benefit is that it allows those exercise loving parents to spend more time with their children while doing their physical activities. The BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller series is specially designed for these cases. They are strollers built to allow you to go out for a run without worrying about shaking or instability. Also, its versatility will allow you to run and travel any path regardless of its unevenness. These are strollers designed to withstand the most extreme trails while keeping your baby safe and comfortable in their seat at all times.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

The BOB Revolution 3.0 model has the characteristic BOB fold; this requires two hands and is simple. Deployment is standard, requiring two hands and remaining secured afterward. Unfortunately, this stroller does not stand up when folded, and it does not have a carrying strap. Since its size is a bit bulky and its materials make it a bit heavier. Lifting and transporting it can be more complicated than expected.


This BOB’s seat is comfortable and padded; it has a fixed leg rest and a very comfortable rubber footrest. The backrest can be reclined almost flat, making it comfortable enough for your baby to nap without problems. We have a harness with two tabs for this safety, easy to place and adjust on shoulders and waist quickly; Its snap clip is relatively smooth and does not require extreme force, which makes opening and closing it a quick task.


This model’s rubber tires, being large and resistant, can travel almost any surface with ease. Besides, having a three-wheel design makes it much easier to maneuver and make tight crossings without difficulty. Despite being a bulky model, the Flex 3.0 can navigate narrow or crowded roads with ease. Its handling is so smooth that it is possible to drive it with one hand without much complication. This model also has single-acting brakes activated by pressing a pedal located on the brake bar behind the stroller.


This stroller has quite a remarkable storage space as it is very spacious. It has a weight limit of 10lbs and can be easily accessed from the sides or the back. The BOB comes with several pockets distributed behind the seat and on the top of the hood. Personal items such as keys and phones and even water bottles for jogging can be stored in these pockets.

The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 model is a relatively ergonomic and adjustable jogging stroller comfortable for parents who like to get off the beaten track when jogging while walking their children. This stroller has a durable appearance that is successful, as it is constructed of superior quality materials. Features such as ample storage, passenger comfort, and improved hood make this stroller a strong contender among its competitors.

BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

The folding process of the BOB Revolution PRO is done in two easy-to-follow steps. There is a negative aspect to its folding system. This model is heavy and does not stand up autonomously when folding the stroller; since we do not have an automatic lock, to lock it with the safety clip to prevent it from unfolding, you must leave it on the ground. This effort can be a bit tiring.


The seat is very padded, made with quality materials, and is even waterproof but still easy to clean. It has an extensive one-hand recline system capable of leaving the seat in a more vertical position. It is ideal for carrying older children without making them feel uncomfortable or a flatter one so that the little ones can nap. The harness safety system is padded and has thick straps that are also adjustable to accommodate babies of different sizes without problems.


Thanks to its three-wheel design, the Revolution PRO is a sturdy and easy-to-maneuver stroller; the wheels being air-filled and quite large. They allow you to drive on any terrain without any problem. As well, these wheels give much higher maneuverability than ordinary wheels. The front-wheel makes it easy to navigate so that you can drive through tight spaces and crowded places without problems.


Under the seat, we have a storage basket that can easily house a large diaper bag. We also have two pockets inside the panel to store toys or snacks for the baby for more storage space. We also have a large rear seat bag designed to keep personal items and maybe a bottle of water that we take on the ride.

The BOB Revolution PRO model is a stroller aimed at those active parents who want to jog with their baby on some days, walk in the park on others, and are always willing to take the paths full of grass, gravel, or sand. Since they know that, regardless of the terrain they choose, their baby will be safe from shakes and bumps with the BOB Revolution PRO.

BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller

It has a system to fold and unfold two hands, relatively fast and straightforward, and has a safety clip to prevent it from extending by accident. While this model is not the lightest jogging stroller on the market, it is relatively lightweight when exercising with it.


The Revolution model is a jogging stroller that excellently combines its maneuverability, counting on a rotating front wheel, which allows us to rotate even in small spaces easily. If it remains fixed, the performance when running is also stable and exceptional. But this stroller is not only good for jogging time; you can use it daily without much effort, it is comfortable and light enough to maneuver through crowded streets without fear of accidents or mishaps.

Comfort and Safety

On a morning jog, one of the fears of most parents is needing to finish earlier thanks to their little passenger being uncomfortable; that’s why the Revolution SE offers a padded and reclining seat that your baby will find comfortable and exceptionally breathable. The baby will be able to sit or lie down, and you should not worry about the sun. Thanks to the fact that it has a reasonably large hood that will protect your child from UV rays. Also, it has a five-point harness to keep your baby fixed and secure in place when it comes to sudden movements. It also has a large storage space divided into a basket under the seat, with great capacity and pockets behind the seats to store personal items and those that need quick access. 

The BOB Revolution SE is a model that surprises as it exceeds all expectations in its design. It has excellent maneuverability; An exceptional performance front wheel also swivels and can be changed to fixed when running. This model strikes the perfect balance between outstanding daily performance while being an efficient jogging stroller.                        

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