Britax B Ready Double Stroller

At Britax, they completely redesigned their new product’s frame concerning the previous one in this same line. Managing to improve specific characteristics such as the canopy and the wheels. However, this also means that accessories from the previous model, such as the infant seat adapter or even the second seat, will not fit this new model. On the other hand, among its many improvements, there is also a larger storage basket and some others that we will show you through this article. This is a review about the Britax B Ready Double Stroller.

britax b ready double stroller
A picture of a baby in Britax B Ready Double Stroller @ash__far

Folding systems

This new model’s folding system has some simple steps; We must adjust the handle. Then the seat. And there if we can press the button to fold it on itself in a simple way. When it comes to folding, the B Ready has the unique characteristic of folding even with both seats connected; For this, we must recline and fold the lower chair, and voila. The folding is the same as with a single chair. Its final size is not the most compact on the market, but we are talking about a double stroller; it is expected to be a bit bulky, especially if it is folded with both seats installed.

It’s a bit heavy thanks to its materials, the chassis, and the seats, more folded with the two seats. But this sounds worse than it is since they will be able to load the stroller folded relatively quickly, and this one also has an auto-lock that allows it to stand upright on its own. Besides, its final size even fits in a car trunk comfortably. To unfold it, we have to release the locks and pull the handle upwards faster than folding it.

The Seats

It has two curiously not convertible seats, a feature rarely seen in double strollers of this type. However, thanks to the fact that its upper chair has 55lbs. It is reversible and has a one-hand tilt system that is not only easy but also quite wide. The chair has four different levels, which allow you to reach an almost entirely horizontal position. Which makes it possible to carry small babies in it. This stroller also has a leg rest and a fabric-covered belly bar. It easy to clean since it’s attached with a zip and can be easily removed like the bar itself, which is also fully removable.

Its extra chair allows you to carry newborn babies without problems. Thanks to its 35lbs capacity and because it is capable of reaching an almost flat horizontal recline. It is so that the baby is comfortable and safe. To install this, you have to unhook and fold the back of the storage basket under the seat to make room for this second chair. If the second seat is fully reclined, being in a relatively low position may be crossed when walking with this car. So we better make sure to keep the handlebars tight and be careful. Since this seat shares the storage basket’s space, you are probably thinking, what if the little one gets everything dirty with his feet? This situation will not be a problem since the basket’s material is the same as the footrest on the upper seat, just as easy to clean.


Both seats have a five-point safety harness. Which in addition to keeping your baby safe, is padded, so it is not uncomfortable for them. The buckle allows each strap to be separated independently so that the fit is better and more comfortable when securing your baby. This buckle is also quite simple to activate; with the push of a button, your children will be stable in their seats.

Their seats have a huge canopy, which can be deployed quite a bit. It also has a folding visor for extra protection on those mainly sunny days. In the upper part of the canopy of the B Ready Double, we have a mesh-covered window. That is not only to see our baby but also allows more excellent air circulation so that it is fresh at all times. In turn, this window has an opening and closing system with magnets, which makes it practical and silent to avoid the risk of waking the baby.


This stroller has wheels made of foam-filled wheels, which have surprising suspension for those bumps in the road; however, the B Ready Double is not an all-terrain stroller, so we better be careful where we drive it. The front wheels can pivot in all directions but give the option of locking them in place to prevent them from rolling back and forth on the roughest roads. This stroller also features a height-adjustable handlebar for the taller (or shorter) parents out there. The braking system of this Britax is made up of a pedal on the rear wheel, exceptionally soft on the user, and can be operated with sandals without discomfort; you have to give it a quick step, keeping the stroller fixed in place.

The Britax B Ready Double stroller model is a soft-handling stroller that will make your trips in the park or trips to make shopping very simple and manageable, together with its puncture-resistant wheels. This model’s great advantage is that thanks to its relatively compact size compared to other double cars, it allows you much more dynamic maneuverability when passing through tight spaces or making very tight turns. Despite not being categorized as an all-terrain stroller, it performs well on the uneven terrain that we can face daily, such as gravel and grass.


This Britax model that showed off with its storage basket is enormous; it can accommodate up to two full-size diaper bags without any problem. Although when the second seat is located near the basket. It uses part of its space, it is normal for this basket to be large. But do not worry about the chair taking away all the room because this model has such a large basket. that even when you carry a second baby there, you can also bring a regular size diaper bag without problems. One of the most significant advantages of this large basket is its accessibility. It allows us to reach things quickly, not only from the side. If the leg rest is raised, there is a zippered mesh pocket for even frontal access, relatively compact and comfortable for parents.

After thoroughly reviewing many of its best features, we can say that the Britax B Ready Double is a stroller that offers most of a double car’s characteristics. Being superior to its competition in several of these, but still maintains a small size, makes it manageable. Although we cannot help but notice that it still has some things to improve, it is a good option for its price range.

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