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Britax Double Stroller


britax double stroller
One of the most popular products Britax have is the B-AGILE, a single stroller that checks up all the boxes out there,

Britax is a UK company with over 40 years of experience producing a wide range of products for your baby. From the premium to regular price points, they have a “little something for everyone” kind of public approach. They’re also known for trying (and succeeding) and giving their strollers a unique and modern look. One of the most popular products they have is the B-AGILE, a single stroller that checks up all the boxes out there, and today, we’ll see its double version, The B-AGILE Double. 

Starting with this Britax double stroller’s assembly, this is quite simple and easy to do with a few steps to follow. Although this stroller is double, it can adapt to car seats for greater comfort when transporting smaller children or newborns. Thanks to its size, it feels sturdier than a regular umbrella stroller but not as bulky as an SUV; this design feels quite comfortable and resistant while being compact. It also has a relatively sleek and slim chassis without being weak.

Size and Maneuverability

Despite its size and being a double stroller, its maneuverability is relatively smooth and straightforward; The Britax Double Stroller can turn without any complications, and pushing it is not complicated. We must consider what this stroller can be when crossing small or very narrow spaces such as doors or corridors. However, it generally has a good performance, and the rear wheels do not usually collide or get stuck with anything. A quite remarkable feature of this stroller is that it has an adjustable handlebar for different heights. This feature can be quite right for people of different sizes or couples where one is taller than the other. Everyone can comfortably roll with this stroller, thanks to its adjustable handlebar. 

Folding Systems

It has a simple folding system that does not take 30 seconds to perform, although operated with both hands. We have to pull both handles inside the seats firmly upwards, and the stroller is folded into a relatively compact size and easy to handle. In addition to this, it has an automatic lock and can stand on its own. To unfold it, release the safety catch and lift it from the handle until it reaches its regular shape.


The seat of this Britax double stroller model is quite large, comfortable for your children. It has a recline that, although not horizontal, is quite broad and comfortable so that the baby can take a nap without problems. To recline, we only have to slide the safety, and we can choose any position within the tilt range. This seat also does not have a 90 ° vertical recline; this can be a bit more uncomfortable when older children sit no longer in a straightway, even when they are small children and cannot sit. Alone fully upright, this seat can cause them to slip a bit. Despite being well-padded and comfortable for children, the leg rest and footrest are not adjustable in height.

The Seats

Each of the seats has a five-point safety harness that turns out to be adjustable and relatively safe for our babies. The shoulder straps have three options for adjusting their height, and the crotch strap is also adjustable. The button on your system is hard enough that babies cannot accidentally activate it and remain sufficiently soft so that opening and closing it is not difficult for parents.

The Canopy

The canopy is large and can be unfolded to achieve almost full coverage and provide plenty of shade for your baby. In the upper part of this canopy, we have a small mesh-covered opening that allows us to keep the babies during the walk or while they take a nap, we have to lift the flap, and that’s it. One of the advantages of this procedure is that it is unnecessary to deploy any velcro fastener to access this window. It is silent, and there is no risk of waking up our baby in the middle of his nap. It also adds a broader factor when it comes to air circulation ventilation for our baby. 

The Wheels

This model has a set of large wheels made of puncture-resistant material that allow a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces. You can lock the front wheels to make it a bit easier to navigate different terrains such as stone grass. However, the lack of noticeable suspension and can result in your baby suffering from unwanted shaking. Hence, it is advisable to stay on a relatively flat path to avoid any discomfort.

The Brakes

The braking system is very safe, easy to handle, and practical; we only have to activate the lever on the rear wheels to avoid any unwanted stroller movement. When it comes to releasing it, it is also relatively easy. Although it may not be the most comfortable to do it using sandals, it is not very delicate with the feet or shoes.


This Britax double stroller has a reasonably large storage basket where you can store everything you need to go out for a walk with your children, easily accessed from various angles, even from under the seat, since you can raise the leg rest. We have access to the basket at any time. When this function is not needed, it is zipped back to a regular leg rest. We also have pockets behind each seat; these have a zip closure and are practical to store any necessary object for quick access or even personal things such as keys, wallets, or cell phones safely during the trip. Unfortunately, this model does not have a cup holder, which can be much more useful than pockets to hold drinks safely and avoid spills. 

Although this stroller has quite useful features, some of them being standard and others being unique, such as access to the basket under the leg rest… This model fails to innovate, being quite common and having some essential flaws such as the lack of recline and the absence of a bar in the belly. However, for its price range, there is a double stroller that can be quite practical and comfortable when going out for a walk with your children if some flaws are overlooked and the design not so attractive to the eye that it may have.

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