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? Best Cheap Double Stroller for Twins 2020

It won’t be wrong if we say that “finding one of the best cheap double stroller for twins is an extremely tiresome and confusing task on its own.”

Yeah, as there are many brands available on the market, also each product has its own plus and minus attached with it; so, task of choosing right double stroller at a budgeted price becomes a bit harder.

Well, in this article, we’ve curated five of the best cheaply available double strollers for twins that are not just affordable from pricing point of view, but also comes with some fabulous features in it.

Before we start with our reviews and discussion, take a look at these three best picks

Yeah, all three are available at very affordable pricing along with some extra ordinary features.

Just check them out and you’ll realize what are you getting at an unbelievable pricing.

Best Cheap Double Stroller For Twins In 2020

#1. Delta Children City Street LX – Editor’s Choice For Best Budget Double Stroller

The delta is a no frills, simple, budget double stroller that fits the requirements. There are many parents out there who are looking for a plain old stroller without any show. So, here’s one that might fulfill your needs. 

So, let’s check what it has to offer to you and your sweet kids.

  • Weight and Fold

This might be the lightest double stroller ever at 18.3 pounds! The weight carrying capacity too is less at only 35 pounds. 

Moreover, For parents who are looking for a temporary stroller for only a few couple of years then, double  Delta Children City Street LX is made just for you. 

Also, This folds very easily. Yeah, You can easily fold it and pack it in the trunk without uttering a single cuss word! The compact umbrella fold helps it to become compact.

  • Wheels and Maneuvering

The front wheels bypass most bumps on the road. The 360 degree swivel wheels are shock absorbing. This side by side stroller is very easy to maneuver. 

Moreover, It’s so light and easy to push that its squeezes past through most doorways. So, going to parks, zoos, Disney world is no big deal with this. It fits through a standard 30” door.

  • Handle and Safety

The handle is on adjustable but seems to be alright for most people. Very tall people might find using this one a bit awkward. For safety you have the comfort of the 5 point harness on each seat. 

Also, It meets all ASTM, CPSC standards and is JPMA certified. So, you don’t have to worry for safety.

  • Material

 The material is sturdy and not flimsy like other cheap strollers.

  •  Storage

The Delta has good storage options. Yeah, I like the two storage bags that can store a lot of things neatly. It has a parent cup holder with two attachment points.

  • Seat and Canopy

The double seats are comfortable with two 5 point harnesses and are multi recline.  The individual canopies are just right for your children. 

Also, They sufficiently keep out the sun and keep your children cool during day outings. The European style double canopy looks quite stylish. All in the entire Delta is a good  double travel stroller that you can lug around everywhere, even in the Metro. 

So yeah, this one is perfect for family picnics, and outings.  Your children will have a fun time sitting side by side and enjoying the outdoors together. 

Yeah, with all these features and capabilities to serve well to the parents of twins this double stroller deserves to be on the top of the list of some of the highest rated double strollers on the market.

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

#2. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller - Best Budget Pick For Twin Parents

The double Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller is a medium priced top class strollers. 

Moreover, Baby Trend manufactures best strollers in the market. This too ranks among the top. 

So, let’s check out how it could benefit you and your kids with its features and capabilities. 

  • Weight and Fold

The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller weighs a massive 43 pounds. 

Yeah, it;s a very heavy stroller. It can accommodate a weight up to 100 pounds. But at 48.5 pounds, it sure is heavy. 

Moreover, The trigger folding is quite effortless in this stroller. It just collapses and you are then good to go.

  • Wheels and Maneuvering

If we talk about the front wheels in this one of the best cheap double stroller then it swivel for easy maneuverability. 

Also, They can be locked too while jogging. The bicycle tires are pneumatic.  The air filled bicycle tires are perfect for jogging on all terrains. 

Moreover, The parking brakes can be applied when the stroller is not in motion and prevents the stroller from rolling away. Due to pneumatic bicycle tires, maneuvering is easy. 

However, some might find it difficult to push a 43 pound stroller.

  • Handle and Safety

Well, It has an adjustable handlebar which is a treat for most parents. Yeah, It helps to adjust the handle according to the height of the parents. 

Moreover, The rubberized handle offers a firm and comfortable grip. In terms of safety the 5 point individual harnesses come to the rescue. The parking brake too is vital and stops your stroller from rolling away.

  • Material

The best part about this one of the best cheap double stroller is its materials in the making. Yeah, Material used is top class. 

Yeah, You will rarely have complaints with this double Baby Trend Strollers. Material is safe and comfortable for your babies.

  • Storage

Well, For double storage Baby Trend has designed two large baskets under the seat. A large parent tray for your beverage (2 cup holders), keys, wallet and phone has been provided at the handle bar. 

Moreover, Individual child’s trays are given with snack and cup holders. All in all, no complaints regard storage. Parent tray also has built in speakers that is compatible for an MP3Player. Yeah, have some sweet tunes while having a walk together with your toddlers.

  • Seat and Canopy

Both seats can be recline din different positions individually. Also, Your children can now enjoy the adventures along with you. The adjustable canopy is large with peek-a-boo windows.

  • Compatibility

Compatible with one or two Flex Loc infant car seats. Double Baby Trend Navigator is at par with BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller. 

However, the weight is cause of concern still it won’t be an issue once you get used to it.

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

#3. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller - A Durable & Strong Double Stroller For Twins

The double Chicco Echo Twin is a side by side stroller. Many find this a good stroller but there are some parents who consider it heavy. 

However, if weight is not an issue for you, then this stroller is feature packed. Let’s see what Echo Twin has in store for you.

  • Wheels and Maneuverability

It is a practical double stroller with dual front wheels. Moreover,These wheels lock and also have a built in suspension in them. 

Yeah, The locking feature and suspension provide added stability and safety. Since it is 34.5 pounds some might find maneuvering it difficult.

But according to me, the weight is just fine. Most double stroller average in this weight only. This stroller can easily glide through doorways. There is no need to push and shove the stroller. You can easily push this stroller with one hand too.

  • Weight and Fold

Well, as mentioned earlier this stroller weighs 34.5 pounds. An average weight for double strollers. Its width is 28” hence maneuvering it is not a hassle. The fold is one handed, also compact and is easy for storage.

You can fold it and it’s ready for travel. Also, The seats can bear up to 40 pounds each. 

Moreover, It also has a carry handle so when folded you can easily carry it. I found this to be very helpful.

  • Handle and Safety

Good Part? Well, The handle is padded and is really comfortable to use. 

The 5 point harness, brakes are all safety devices. The three level rear brakes completely stops your stroller. However, the three level brakes take a little time as you have to individually lock all three rear wheels.

  • Material

At first glance, it might seem like a basic cheap double stroller but upon checking it in-depth things are quiet impressive.

Yeah, Chicco products have top class material in their strollers. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality. The fabric is heavy and durable.

Also, the reason behind including this stroller in our list of some of the best budget double stroller is material quality of it. Yeah, this one is sturdy and capable of lasting longer for you and your kids.

  • Storage

The two mesh storage baskets are sufficient to store all your babies’ requirements. However, for those who might find the storage space less there are no other options.

Also, You will have to buy extra accessories for storage separately. It offers a cup holder outside the frame.

  • Seat and Canopy

The seats are padded thus providing supreme comfort. Moreover, the seats have independent recline in 4 positions. The canopies too can be adjusted independently. 

Also, The stroller has dual adjustable leg rest that gives your child ultimate comfort while being seated on it.

  • Compatibility

You will have to buy a car seat adapter so that Chicco car seats fit in comfortably. Chicco car seats are super comfortable for preemies.

All in all a good stroller but could do with more storage options. However, if you have no issues with the storage then this might be the stroller for you. It is available on Amazon  and its demand is on the peak; so, check it out before stock gets emptied.

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

#4. Mountain Buggy Duet V3 - A Tremendous Stroller For Your Twins

Mountain Buggy 2013 Duet Stroller, Flint,Mountain Buggy designs one of the best strollers and its Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller is at par with other best strollers in the market. This double stroller can be used till the time your kids become toddlers. 

By using the Mountain buggy Bassinet you can use it for your newborn child too. So, Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic features of this one of the top rated best cheap double stroller on the market.

  • Weigh and Fold

It has a decent weight of 34 pounds. It can take a maximum load of 79 pounds. So, no worries this is a long time investment for you. You don’t have to change your stroller for your growing children. 

Also, It has a one hand compact fold that makes it quite a breeze to store. The self stand mode too is quite valuable.

  • Wheels and Maneuvering

The wheels are 2 mode fixed or swivel. The wheels are 10” that provide added stability and are air filled. It is only 24.5” wide. 

Moreover, This might be the slimmest double stroller that I have come across in affordable double stroller segment. 

Also, You should not have even an iota of doubt for Thule Urban Glide 2 fitting through doorways. The stroller will not only fit but glide easily through all doorways. Yeah, that’s a plus for twin parents looking out for cheap budget strollers.

  • Handle and Safety

The handle is adjustable so that you can adjust it according to your height. The padded handles give comfort and support. 

For safety, the 10” air filled tires absorb the most bumps on the road. You can lock the front wheels for more stability and safety. There is a detachable bumper bar that protects your child.

Moreover, The 5 point harness is another safety addition in this cheap double stroller. There is also an automatic frame lock for overall safety of the double stroller. 

Also, The foot brake too can be applied quite easily with your leg. You can lock the front wheels with the help of a knob near the wheel itself. The wrist strap prevents the double stroller from rolling away.

Well, These are few things that we noticed to be of foremost importance and that’s reason we’re counting it as one of the best cheap double stroller for parents of twins. Moreover, it’s priced reasonably and hence affordable for budget bound parents.

  • Material

The lightweight frame is made from 6063 T5 aluminum. It is quite sturdy. The seat liners are reversible and washable too. 

Thus, giving your child comfort and a clean feel. The fabric can easily be zipped off for cleaning.

  • Storage

There is a large basket under the basket that is actually quite enough to store all your essential things. 

Moreover, Two mesh pockets are given at the sides to store bottle of water.

  • Seat and Canopy

The seat is built for comfort, fully recline, perfect for naps. The padded seats add to the comfort. The bassinet can be placed with seat facing you, a welcome option. 

Also, The individual canopies are extendable and very large. Yeah, Both have visors and magnetic peek-a-boo windows.

  • Compatibility

You can easily attach the carrycot plus to this stroller without any hassle. The Mountain buggy Duet is an enviable stroller with all the essential features. Well, it’s one of the best cheap yet effective double stroller for parents of twin toddlers and you can buy it on Amazon

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