🥇 Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review- A Reversible Seat Jogging Stroller 2019

So what if you became a parent now? Will you leave your jogging habits or compromise with your fitness? Just because you need to walk with your baby stroller, well NO you don’t need to, That is the reason I am writing this Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review for you.

Bugaboo Runner Complete Stroller” with reversible seat system will solve your problem .you can attached the old bugaboo seat to this new frame or you can buy the whole new bugaboo runner. Awesome look, strong wheels & comfortable seat & many more features completes the ideal stroller.

Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review

Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review

We will cover each & every features one by one in “Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review”

Wheels and Maneuverability

It rolls on three air-filled tires with 16″ wheels in the back and 14″ wheel in the front. Unlike other stroller the front wheel is fixed and does not swivel, so in that way it can only used for jogging purpose.

if you are thinking to go to any city area or mall or any area where you need to move your stroller continue so it is not possible unless you lift the front wheel up first and then turn the stroller.

The rear wheels have mud guards on top to prevent mud while jogging.

Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review - big mud resistent jogging wheels

Seat & canopy

  • The canopy is very big & can cover a large area so that your baby can be protective by harsh weather .it cannot be detached from the frame.
  •  Just like all Bugaboo models it does not have a peekaboo window and the canopy is attached to the back of the seat with no way of detaching it.
  • There is a large mesh peekaboo window with a magnetic closure which helps for air circulation in summer days.
  •  The seat is 13″ wide with 20″ seat back and a measurement of 23″ from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy.
  •  The lower weight limit of 37.5 lbs also might be a problem if you have a larger 4 year old baby.
  •  As the seat is reversible so you can run & move it according to your direction & can face your baby.
  •  The seat has one-hand lever recline that goes to a flat position, you can use this stroller with minimum of 6 months of baby as you can’t jog with infants.
  •  You also can not use it with infant car seat or bassinet like other stroller.

Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review - reversible seat while jogging with baby

Handle, safety & fold

  • The whole handle bar from the base goes up and down. The handle bar is covered with foam; it goes from 34″ up to 42″ from the ground.
  •  There is one run away strap which is attached to the handle bar & that is a safety features because you can hold it to your side when you feel the handle bar is going away from you while going down to hill area .
  •  There is one hand break & it’s located right next to the handle bar so it’s very easy to access. You can easily control speed and stop, using any hand.
  • There is one removable swing-away bumper bar that is covered with foam.
  • 5 point harness system gives safety to your baby even in rough surface & speed ride.
  •  There is a single pedal brake located between rear wheels but that is not too much easy to operate like other stroller but obviously It is a safety feature.
  • To fold the stroller First you have to take off the seat. Next, unlock the frame and bring the handle bar forward folding the stroller then pull on the rear handle bar lifting up the frame till you hear a click.
  •  In this “Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review” You may find one thing that is not so good is the folded stroller become little bulky & heavy.

Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review - reverseble seat with jogging stroller for baby

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The basket is very large & easily accessible, there is two elastic straps under the basket to hold your stuff as it may disturb while jogging. There are also three small pockets where you can store small items like keys, phone or wallet.

  • Height & weight
  • Stroller weight: 28 lbs
  • Weight limit: 37.5 lbs
  • Folded dimensions: 34″L x 27″W x 16.5″H
  • Handle bar height: 39″ – 44″
  • Seat to canopy height: 23″
  • Rear wheels: 16″
  • Front wheel: 14″
  • Overall length: 38″
  • Overall width: 28″

Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review - jogging stroller folding

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Material & color

All parts are made out of durable materials and high quality fabrics. The full stroller with the seat comes in blue or red.

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I would like to end this “Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review” by suggesting you to go for it if you are a fitness lover & want a safe, durable & luxuries stroller for your baby .but having said that because of the fixed wheel it only fits for joggers parents not for every area you can take this out.

Bugaboo Runner” also recommends this stroller is not for infants; baby should be of 6 or 9 months. Bugaboo provides 3-year warranty from the original date of purchase.

So after all pros & cons (not for jogger parent) you can take a decision favorable to you & your baby. Have a happy ride.


Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review Amazon


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🥇 Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review- A Reversible Seat Jogging Stroller 2019
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