Britax B Ready Double Stroller

At Britax, they completely redesigned their new product’s frame concerning the previous one in this same line. Managing to improve specific characteristics such as the canopy and the wheels. However, this also means that accessories from the previous model, such as the infant seat adapter or even the second seat, will not fit this new … Read more

Britax Double Stroller

Britax is a UK company with over 40 years of experience producing a wide range of products for your baby. From the premium to regular price points, they have a “little something for everyone” kind of public approach. They’re also known for trying (and succeeding) and giving their strollers a unique and modern look. One … Read more

Chicco Jogging Strollers

Chicco is one of the largest brands aimed at parents and babies in Europe; it is a lifestyle company that offers products from food for newborn babies to cosmetics and medical supplies. Its product line covers babies’ lives from the first stages of the pregnancy to the infant’s preschool-grade, and they are sold in more … Read more

Basic Guide For Folding a Stroller

Basic Guide For Folding a Stroller

Strollers are essential devices to have when you get babies. However, most people getting their first stroller may have difficulties with the folding. This matter becomes complicated when you consider all the different brands of strollers available. Newer brands are easier to fold than older brands but there are still specific nuances in each brand. … Read more

The New York Doll Collection First Umbrella Dolls Stroller 2019

The New York Doll Collection First Umbrella Dolls Stroller you will find here. We are going to list out description, features and pros and cons of dolls Stroller which will help you to take the decision to buy this awesome doll Stroller for your kid. Let’s have a look at its different aspects from here. … Read more