Chicco Umbrella Strollers

Parents and babies in Europe are Chicco’s target segment. it is a lifestyle company that offers products from food for newborn babies to cosmetics and medical supplies. Its product line covers babies’ lives from the first stages of the pregnancy to the infant’s preschool-grade, and they are sold in more than 120 countries on six continents. Today we will review Chicco Umbrella Stroller, lightweight strollers line, ideal for parents who are just looking for something light, compact, and comfortable to use in the city, running errands or shopping without carrying a large and bulky stroller.

Chicco Umbrella Strollers a light weight Stroller, comfortable to use in the city, running errands or shopping without carrying a large and bulky stroller.

Chicco Liteway Stroller

The Chicco Lite Way lives up to its name, being light, compact, and practical that also turns out to be quite resistant for a stroller within its range, in addition to coming in a varied selection of original colors. The box has Reasonably priced items. The simple front wheels make it easy to maneuver, and the quick-release is an advantage for cleaning. Chicco Liteway is one of the best Chico Umbrella Stroller range.

The seat is very spacious and comfortable, and the baby is securely restrained with a padded five-point harness, so you don’t have to worry about the baby falling out. You can even add a separate safety harness, and you can even remove the fabric to make the cleaning task much more comfortable. The seat also features a footrest for older children, is adjustable in two different positions. The extendable canopy on this stroller can adapt to the sun’s direction with four other position options. Although the lower part of the body and arms can be exposed. Zipper, in summer hood, allows the rear apron to be removed. It then gives more ventilation to the baby on warmer days.

Key Features of this Chicco Umbrella Stroller

What stands out most in the Lite Way is its reclining. Reclining type of adjustment is very rarely found in a stroller, but it makes repositioning an effortless task to do. It’s such a smooth movement that it won’t wake your child as it adjusts for a more comfortable position.

Under the seat, there is a basket that, although it is not very deep, is spacious enough to carry a shopping bag comfortably. However, the basket’s original disassembly and folding design mean that it can be used as a backpack. This characteristic is convenient to carry things such as toys or shopping bags more carefully than under the seat, but it may be hard to access it from some angles. Despite being a little challenging to handle on rough or uneven terrain, this stroller meets all the other objectives that it poses particularly well done and is a good acquisition within its price list.

Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Stroller

Chico Mini Bravo Plus is one of the newest Chicco Umbrella Stroller range. The Mini Bravo Plus is a lightweight stroller that does not weigh even 20lbs; this means that it is effortless to transport, put in the trunk, and store in any small space without a problem. For a price range of less than $ 200, this car brings some very unique features, from its canopy to its storage basket.
The Mini Bravo Plus seat is suitable for children six months and up and can hold up to 50lbs.

Mini Bravo-Plus seat offers three different recline levels, exchangeable with just one hand so that you can forget about the complicated straps and clasps, the lowest being not suitable for newborns, yet comfortable enough for your child to take one comfortable nap without problems. Your child will be safe in his seat thanks to Chicco’s five-point harness; padded and adjustable, from the shoulders to the crotch, so you won’t have to worry about your child slipping out of the seat accidentally. This seat also features a non-adjustable leg rest and footrest for carrying older children.

Key Features

This Chicco model has a tray for the child, handy and practical to keep him entertained with toys or snacks. Zipper opening gives expansión to three panels canopy. It gives more excellent coverage and reaching the child’s torso without problems and protection from sun

When it’s time to go out and drive it, it features a non-adjustable handlebar covered in rubber material, making pushing this car uncomfortable or forced at all. Its performance on flat roads, asphalt, and sidewalks is relatively smooth and manageable. A suspension system is not available that protects your child from jolts. 

The storage space inside its basket is extensive; you can store a large diaper bag and still have room for the odd toy. Besides, it is very accessible from any angle, even with the seat reclined.

Chicco Piccolo Stroller

The Piccolo stroller by Chicco is such a light and compact stroller model called “Small.” This stroller is, in fact, one of the most compact ones created by the brand. Some of its main characteristics are the storage capacity, which is truly surprising for a car of this size, and the fact that it can stand upright while being lightweight, quite practical.

Implementation of Unique triple folding system allows stroller to be folded to an even more compact size. This factor, added to its weight of only 14lbs, makes it the ideal stroller for those parents looking for something comfortable to fold, take and bring. A padded handlebar gives driving, a relaxing experience.Cars of this size and weight doesn’t have padded handlebar.

The padding of the seat allows a level of recline in several different positions. Also, baby Will be comfortable and will be able even to take a nap.Besides, they will be safe in their seat since it has an extendable canopy with UPF50 + protection factor.

Key Features

This canopy also has a window to see the baby covered with mesh to increase air circulation through the seat. To keep the baby secure in place, the Piccolo features a five-point safety harness with a little extra padding, so your baby is safe, and the straps and harness adjustment won’t hurt their skin.

Another remarkable feature of this car is that it has suspension on all its wheels. Offers a smooth ride for child since he will not suffer from shocks or bumps generated by the road. At the time of braking, you have to operate the pedal with your foot, and that’s it; your stroller will stay in place safely.

In a matter of space, this car is also quite good. In addition, it has a reasonably wide basket for stroller size, and also includes a cup holder for parents. Although you can’t hold it together with the car. It is a useful additional object when going out for a walk and carrying a coffee or a water bottle.

Chicco Picollo Stroller is adapted to specific needs, with quite surprising features, however, it also has a low price. In addition, they are very good for parents looking for simplicity and comfort for easy outings with their baby.

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