🥇 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2019

Everyone appreciates the importance of strollers. And if you are one of those parents from Canada who always find yourself travelling then the Best Convertible Strollers Canada is one of the best for you. A Best Convertible Strollers Canada means that you can easily convert it into a bassinet, car seat can be attached, and in short it can be turned into a complete travel system.

Yes, you will have to buy the extra accessories such as car seats and bassinets. The advantages of a Best Convertible Strollers are immense. If you travel a lot or just commute by car, the best convertible stroller will be your trusted companion. This article covers the 5 best convertible strollers that can be converted into travel systems. Keep reading this article of 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada for more information.

Best Convertible Strollers Canada

5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada

Stroller Comparison Table - Best Convertible Strollers Canada

Twins With Car SeatStroller ImageBuy On AmazonOverall ScoreWheels and ManeuverabilityWeight and FoldHandle and Safety
MaterialStorageSeat and Canopy
BOB Revolution CEBOB Revolution CE Stroller - 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016buy-from-amazon4.84.7 /54.8/55.0/55.0/
Maclaren Quest StrollerMaclaren Quest Strollers - Best Umbrella Strollerbuy-from-amazon4.84.7/54.6/55.0/54.8/54.9/54.7/54.8/5
Baby Trend Go-Lite Snap N Grow Stroller Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Millennium - best single jogging strollers for babybuy-from-amazon4.94.9/54.8/55.0/54.8/55.0/54.8/54.9/5
Valco Spark Duo StrollerValco Spark Duo Stroller - 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016buy-from-amazon5.05.0/55.0/55.0/55.0/55.0/55.0/55.0/5
Baby Trend Range Jogging StrollerBaby Trend Range Jogging Stroller - 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016buy-from-amazon4.94.8/54.9/54.8/54.7/54.7/54.8/54.8/5

BOB Revolution CE

BOB Revolution CE Stroller, BlackThis three wheel stroller is a top performer in the BOB revolution series. Build for all terrains, it is a compact, power packed single stroller.

BOB Revolution CE Stroller - Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016

Wheels and Maneuverability

The front swivel wheels bring immense stability to the stroller. You will appreciate its state of the art suspension system. A good suspension system makes sure that your child enjoys the best of the ride smoothly. Moreover, the suspension can be adjusted to your liking.

The adjustable shock release knob gives you the freedom of two shock positions to fine-tune suspension according to weight. The wheels are made of lightweight alloy with pneumatic tires. The tubes are durable and compact and made of schrader valves. You can easily twist the front wheel knob to go straight.

The spokes are stainless steel and alloy nipples. For Maneuvering the suspension comes in handy and so do the swivel wheels. Moreover, the swiveling knob has a durable steel knob which allows you to go from walk mode to jog mode.

Going further the tracking knob helps in fine tuning the stroller’s tracking in jog moIt is just 25.5” wide so maneuvering it through doorways is not going to be a hassle.

Weight and Fold

At 23 pounds this single stroller is not going to give you pains loading it or carrying it. Yes it is heavy than other strollers but not heavy that you disregard it completely. Mommies and daddies will absolutely love its two fold mechanism.

Now no more crying over complicated fold procedures. Even first time users will find it easy. Once folded it can quite comfortably be stored in the trunk of your car. It also doubles up as a perfect travel companion.

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Handle and Safety

The padded handles will provide you with the much needed comfort and cushioned feelings especially on long jogs. Safety features are power packed in this stroller. You can secure your best convertible stroller with a parking brake. The wheel track adjustment knob helps your stroller to go straight.

In addition, there is also the 5 point harness too keeps your child secure. The state of the art suspension system allows for a freer ride wherein your child will not feel the bumps on the road. The wrist strap tethers the stroller to you in case of any untoward incident.


The frame itself is made of high strength aluminum alloy whereas the seat fabric is made of poly and dobby weave fabrics. You can easily clean the seat with lukewarm water and soap.


The large under the seat basket is more than sufficient to store diaper bags, clothe s, toys and other essentials. You are going to love the interior mesh pockets to store other things.

The one large pocket on seatback is enough to store your essentials such as keys, mobile phones etc. The storage options are going to make everyone happy. No complaints here!

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Seat and Canopy

The padded seats are comfortable. You can easily adjust the seating position. Your child can nap in the almost flat recline position. The 5 point harness helps in securing your child safely. The extra large canopy keeps your baby safe from nature’s wrath. There is also a peek-a-boo window so that you can check on your child from time to time.


To make the stroller compatible with car seats you will have to buy the BOB Infant Car seat adapter. Once you do that it can easily be transformed into a travel system.

The BOB Revolution CE is a top model stroller. I usually like all BOB strollers for its features, amenities and quality. The best part however about this best convertible stroller is that it’s not that’s expensive. It comes just over $300. You can easily buy it from Amazon.


BOB Revolution CE - 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016


Maclaren Quest Stroller

Maclaren Quest Stroller, Black/Silver,Quest is a fine specimen of the top model strollers. This lightweight stroller is a budget stroller under $200. But the best part is that you get superior quality features at a throwaway price. You can scroll down for more information about this easy to use stroller.

Maclaren Quest Strollers - 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016

Wheels and Maneuverability

This stroller is light but not as light as Globetrotter. The front swivel wheels in addition to it being lightweight makes it’s super maneuverable. It’s so easy to push it does not feel like pushing anything at all.

It glides like the wind. The lockable front wheels provide extra stability to the stroller. The stroller also boats of a shock absorbing 4 wheel suspension. The tires too are ultra light.

Weight and Fold

Maclaren Quest weighs just 12 pounds, a little heavier than Globetrotter. Yes, it’s so light you can lift it up with only your finger. It has a carrying capacity of 55 pounds. It can be taken with you anywhere be it a plane, train, car or bus.

It is super easy to fold (one hand fold), easy to carry and easy to transport. You might not find a lighter stroller than Maclaren Globetrotter in the market. Being lightweight it is perfect to carry with children during traveling.

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Handle and Safety

The handle in this stroller is sadly not adjustable. But the handles are ergonomically optimized, so you will not face much problem with the handle’s height. However, they are padded and provide comfort especially when you go for long walks.

It also comes with a convenient carry strap to carry the stroller freely on your shoulder, keeping both your hands free. The foot operated parking brake is easy to apply and necessary too. It has a built in new born safety system.


The material is light weight yet durable and long lasting. You can easily machine wash the seat material. What I like about this stroller is its High- tech aircraft grade aluminum chassis that makes it lightweight but strong and durable.


It has just one storage basket under the seat. But to store your essentials like purse, phone, keys, there is a built in storage pocket.

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Seat and Canopy

Maclaren Quest seat has multiple recline positions. I feel that children enjoy the comfort of the padded seats while being securely strapped with the 5 point harness. There is also a large canopy.

It is enough to protect your child from the harmful rays of the sun. Summer days are going to seem cooler for your baby with Maclaren Quest. There is a viewing window for you so that you can keep an eye on your child and tend to his needs and requirements. There is also a built in sun visor in the canopy.

It has an extendable leg rest. You can easily take out the seat cover and machine wash it.


Quest is compatible with universal carrycot. Which is great as you don’t have to buy any extra accessory in making it compatible.

The Maclaren Quest is a minimalist lightweight convertible stroller with superb quality. If you are looking for more features then this might not be the one for you. But if you travel occasionally, then this stroller is perfect for you.

The best however about this convertible stroller is that it comes with Maclaren Sovereign™ Lifetime Warranty.  If, during your lifetime of use, you find any defect in material or workmanship, or the product should fail to function with proper use and care, the company will either repair or replace it.

Moreover, it comes with a free wind resistant cover. Also it comes fully assembled and you don’t have to waste your precious time assembling it. You can buy this super light stroller from Amazon.


Maclaren Quest Stroller - 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016


Baby Trend Go-Lite Snap N Grow Stroller

Baby Trend Go-Lite Snap N Grow Stroller – Venice,Baby Trend Go-Lite Snap N Grow Stroller, comes with 6 riding positions and is superlight to use. It is a 3in 1 stroller.

It is an infant car seat carrier, carriage stroller and toddler stroller. It also has a reversible stroller seat with the baby facing you for more interaction and face time.

Baby Trend Go-Lite Snap N Grow Stroller - Best Convertible Stroller Canada

Wheels and Maneuverability

The front wheels swivel and can be locked for stability. The wheels are solid plastic. This could be a disadvantage as the baby might feel the bumps on the road. It is perfect however for smooth roads. Maneuvering this stroller is easy and is not going to cause you any hassles or pain. The rear wheel parking brake is foot activated and is easy to apply.

Weight and Fold

It has a carrying capacity of 55 pounds and has a one hand fold. Although some might find folding it a tad difficult.

Handle and Safety

The handle bar in Baby Trend Go-Lite Snap N Grow Stroller is adjustable. There are three positions in which you can adjust the handle. There is also a bumper bar in addition to the padded 5 point safety harness.

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Baby Trend uses top notch material in its stroller. In this stroller too, the material is durable yet lightweight.


The best convertible stroller has a cup holder on the left side of the handle. It is great for parents to put in their water bottles or other beverages. You can easily remove the cup holder if you do not require it. You can also put it on the other side as well. It has a good size storage basket under the seat for the diaper bag, toys, clothes etc.

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Seat and Canopy

The seat is multi position. You can easily change the position with a small handle at the back of the canopy. It comes to an almost flat position for nap times. The canopy is very big and can easily protect your child form the harmful rays of the sun.

There is also a mesh peek-a-boo window so that you can look down upon your child from time to time. To change the position of the seat from front facing to back facing or vice versa, you can do so with the touch of a button and lift the seat and change the position. It is super easy and super light.


The stroller is compatible with car seat and can easily become a travel system.  It is an infant car seat carrier, carriage stroller and toddler stroller

I loved this stroller for its variety in seating arrangement. It has many options to seat your child and comes with great features. A complete travel stroller, it comes in different colors. This umbrella travel stroller can be bought on Amazon.


Baby Trend Go-Lite Snap N Grow Stroller - 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016


Valco Spark Duo Stroller

Spark Duo Stroller Color: Strawberry,The Valco Spark Duo Stroller is a double stroller in the high budget category. There is a reason why it is so expensive.

It has two seats that are reversible, that can be converted from bassinets to rear to forward to front facing seats. That is, the seats are 3-in-1. If you are in the high budget category and would want to know more about this stroller then scroll down. 

Valco Spark Duo Stroller - Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016

Wheels and Maneuverability

The front wheels are 8” whereas the rear wheels are 10”. There are four wheels in the stroller. The front wheels are lock and swivel. They are easy to maneuver and the stroller seems light to push as well.

If you wish to clean the wheels they are super easy to remove. You don’t have to think twice before cleaning the wheels now.

Weight and Fold

For a double stroller this one is light at 23.8 pounds. It has a weight carrying capacity of 40 pounds per seat which is actually quite good. The convertible stroller canada though light is not flimsy, it’s actually very sturdy. It includes a release for compact storage. You will not face any problem while placing it in a car.

The seats can be removed easily with just a click and the entire frame can be folded. So, storing it becomes easy. Also there is also a strap by which you can lock the folded.

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Handle and Safety

Handle is adjustable which is just great if parents are of different heights. I feel that adjustable handles should be a must in all strollers. For safety the rear parking brakes can be applied by foot.

The brake is sandal friendly. Also the front wheels can be locked easily with the turn of a knob. All simple safety measures. The 5 point harness too is great and is padded and adjustable.


The material is top notch, durable and easy to clean.


There is a large basket under the seat for storage. I feel it is sufficient for storing diaper bags, clothes, toys and other things for both your babies.

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Seat and Canopy

The seats are not only reversible but also adjustable. They can be adjusted to near flat position. The seats can be adjusted in such a manner so as to accommodate two children of different ages or even of the same age. There are two peek a boo windows that provide a clear view of your children.


The best convertible stroller is already compatible and comes with seat cum bassinets. Moreover it is compatible with Graco, Peg Perego, Chicco/Maxi Cosi car seats.

Now coming to the price, yes it is expensive but isn’t it worth it? You don’t have to buy a separate bassinet for your babies. You can start using the best convertible stroller for your newborns and don’t have to wait for a month or two before using it. I feel that considering the features, the price is worth it. You can buy this stroller on Amazon.


Valco Spark Duo Stroller - 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016


Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller, Liberty,This low budget single jogging stroller is one of a kind with several features that will take your breath away.

I always liked Baby Trend strollers for its versatility and its power packed features. This best convertible stroller too has the uniqueness of the Baby Trend brand. Come on and have a look at its features in detail. 

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller - Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016

Wheels and Maneuverability

This three wheel jogging stroller has the obvious but necessary front swivel wheel. You can easily lock the front wheels while jogging as it gives the stroller stability and helps it to go straight.

Due to its lightweight steel construction, it is easier to maneuver this stroller anywhere and everywhere. It features hi-impact lightweight composite all-terrain wheels. This is a perfect jogging companion.

Weight and Fold

The stroller weighs an average 27 pounds. But let me tell you that this is considered heavy for a single stroller. There are several in the market much lesser than this, a few as light as 10 pounds too. So, yes, this is a heavy stroller.

It has a one hand fold mechanism which makes it super compact. Moreover, you can easily remove the wheels to store it in the trunk of your car. 

Handle and Safety

The handle in the Baby Trend Range Stroller, is padded and comfortable. It is at a comfortable height. For safety there is a tethering strap. So while jogging the stroller is always attached to you.

There is no chance of the stroller rolling away. The parking brake too comes in handy. There is also the 5 point harness for your child’s safety. There are reflectors that come in handy during low visibility.


The frame is lightweight steel construction and the seat is padded. Moreover, the 5 point harness is also padded and comfortable.


There is an extra large storage basket to keep your diaper bag and other necessary items. What I love about the storage options are child’s and parent’s tray with two cup holders. So for storage, there are plenty of options.

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Seat and Canopy

The seat is padded and is comfortable for your child. The seat can be comfortably reclined in several positions. The canopy is large with a large peek a boo window. You can easily keep an eye on your child through the peek a boo window.


The child’s tray can be adapted to place a car seat and make it a travel system. Your stroller then becomes one of the best travel systems and that too at a great price.

The Baby Trend Range Stroller is one of the best travel strollers in the market. It has almost all necessary features and that too at a great price. I would suggest go for Baby Trend especially of you are on a budget. You can buy the stroller at Amazon.


Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller - 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016


So, Best Convertible Strollers Canada strollers are not only necessary but save you a lot of hassles of buying a multitude of stroller accessories. There are strollers in the list (5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016) that are budget strollers while there are couple of strollers that are in the high end category.

I would suggest that you go for strollers that will last you for more than a couple of years. Hope you enjoyed reading. Do drop in a couple of lines of encouragement on this article 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2016.


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🥇 5 Best Convertible Strollers Canada 2019
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