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Being a responsible parent when you want something out of the box, sophisticated, easy & comfortable product for your baby? Then you go through from various reviews, this “Cybex PRIAM Stroller Review” will help you to select the best stroller . “Cybex Priam Stroller, Lux Seat- Autumn Gold Denim” 3 in one system is best luxury product for infants & toddlers which gives you top of the line features.

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

Wheels and Maneuverability

There is a choice of wheels for every path:

  • The City Wheels is the thinnest, lightest wheel, offering a light stroller with wheels that are actually still pretty large.
  • The Trekking Wheels add some rubberized traction for tough rides.
  • And the All-Terrain is the ultimate wheel, offering a 2” thick wheel with lots of traction and slightly bigger front wheels.

Weight and Fold

Weight Frame – 

Weight and dimensions of the frame folded in mm (incl. wheels): L 955, B 575, H 310

Weight frame, basket: 5 kg, + light wheels: 7,5 kg

All Terrain wheels: 8,1 kg, + Trekking wheels: 7,8 kg

Lux Seat –

Weight and dimensions of the frame with Lux Seat folded in mm (incl. wheels): L 955, B 575, H 290

weight: 12,4 – 13 kg (depending on wheels)

One hand fold Mechanism –

The PRIAM is easy to fold into a compact package, using just one hand. The Lux Seat simply folds away with the frame.

The cybex priam weight can also be folded into a free-standing unit – ideal for storing away in a restaurant, on a bus or train, and at home.For the car or storage room it can be folded completely flat.

Handle and Safety

This review will tell you about the important features like “reversible seat unit” with forward-facing or rearward-facing, the PRIAM Lux and 2-in-1 Light Seat can be easily adjusted to the favored position.

It can easily fit in your car & enable maximum flexibility on both short and longer trips.

This handled all types of terrain without a single snag, It has an adjustable, extra-tall handle – with an easy-to-clean.

The handlebar is adjustable, as is the footrest. There is a wrist strap for when you’re afraid the stroller will roll away, as well as a footbrake


Cybex Priam owners have the option of seven different colors. The fabric is a denim style and looks great in the flesh with  Lightweight aluminum Seat.

Seat and Canopy

In this “Cybex PRIAM review, I would like to talk about upgraded features for this section.

  • Extendable XXL sun canopy with UVP50+ sun protection.
  • Recline able seat can be reclined to different recline positions with one hand.
  • Padded belts are soft & cozy for extra comfort.
  • Flexible Seat can be inserted to face forward or backward.
  • Bumper bar is made from high-quality leather-like material, can be opened to one side for easy entrance.
  • The seat is perfectly aligned with typical table heights
  • The elegant PRIAM footmuff offers cosy fleece-lining in a leather- and denim-look.
  • Water-repellent materials protect from cold, wind and rain.


The storage pockets are very specious you can easily shop with your baby & use this one to keep your stuffs into the pocket. Secretly it will save your time you can do two work together(Baby ride & shopping) you don’t need to carry any extra luggage for this.


Let’s talk about some features & compatibility in Cybex PRIAM.

The Lux seat offers a very plush, doubly padded seat that has a completely flat recline so that newborns are safe and comfortable in it.

This seat can face both ways, and sits fully upright as well, with a super extendable canopy and a peek-a-boo window.

The other option is the 2-in-1 Light Seat, which offers a single frame with two different fabric sets, One fabric set is for a carrycot, which is removed once the baby grows out of it, and switched with the traditional seat fabric, which will be used for the rest of the life of the stroller.

Well… “Cybex PRIAM Stroller Review” cant be complete without talking about “Value for Money”, really worth it for this , a complete safe, stylish, luxurious, comfortable & most importantly durable stroller for traveling for long & short trips & to carry forward for your second or third baby .

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