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Definitive Guide To Choosing A Baby Stroller


Finding the right stroller can be the difference between hassle, quality, free time with your baby, and a horrible experience. Therefore, you cannot just walk up to a store and choose any random stroller. You need prior knowledge that will help you make the right choice. The right choice of stroller will save you lots of money and heartache in the long run.

If you desire enjoyable walks with your baby, read on to find out more. You should also read on if you need a convenient solution for your baby as you go about your chores during the day.

Different Types of Strollers

Before you buy a stroller, you should know the different types available to you. Having this knowledge will equip you with the means to identify and differentiate between the different strollers available. Also, you’ll undoubtedly require a specific type of stroller and getting the wrong one could mess you up. Below we go into the different types of strollers you can choose from.

Full-Sized Stroller

 A full-sized stroller as the name implies is larger and stronger than regular strollers. You will go for such a stroller if you need a device that will serve you right through all the formative years of your child. Being full-sized means, you get more space for your child which translates to more comfort for your child. These strollers also usually come with accessories and extras features.

If you need a sturdy and long-lasting stroller, then you’ll go for this type of device. However, the added weight could be a real downside. If you have to take your baby through public transportation such as buses and planes this stroller will hold you back.

Umbrella Stroller

At the opposite end of the scale comes the ultra-light umbrella stroller. The umbrella stroller sacrifices a few features but ends up being lighter and more portable than a full-sized stroller. If you intend to move your baby long distances through public transport, an umbrella stroller is ideal.

The key selling point of this device is portability. You won’t have trouble packing it away with the rest of your luggage. Another advantage you get is foldability. You can quickly fold the stroller and, therefore, have it occupy the least space possible.

As we’ve already mentioned, umbrella strollers sacrifice several features to make the stroller lighter. As an example, you won’t have the same amount of space as you would get in a regular stroller. Also, umbrella strollers cannot accommodate newborns as you can’t wholly flatten them. The baby has to be six months or older to fit in this stroller.

Jogging Stroller

These kinds of strollers enable you to jog, run, or perform other similar activities without any harm to the baby. For this to be possible, the strollers come with superior suspension and a front wheel that can swivel around. The excellent suspension ensures no shock reaches the stroller. Your baby can, therefore, stay safe even when you are exercising.

The swiveling front wheel works well during your jogging, and it gives you extra flexibility. You can also fix the front wheel for extra stability, especially at high speeds.

Jogging strollers usually have no compatibility issues with car seats. They can fit in easily and have several cool features too. You can have deeply reclining seats, handlebars, hand breaks, wrist straps and more. Jogging strollers usually are heavier than umbrella strollers. You might want to consider this before choosing to purchase one.

Double Stroller

A double stroller as the name suggests has two seats. Such a stroller comes in handy when you want to carry two babies. You can have tandem strollers where one child sits behind the other. There’s also a side by side type of stroller. It will be up to you to choose between the two according to your preferences.

Double strollers enable you to handle two babies as easily as you would handle one. However, they are bigger and bulkier and will, therefore, cause you a bit of inconvenience. Also, the side by side strollers might be too wide to fit into specific spaces such as doors.

Car Seat Carriers

With these kinds of strollers, you get the benefit of both a stroller and a car seat. You can quickly transform your car seat into a stroller and carry your baby around. Having a car seat double up as a stroller has one significant advantage. You won’t have to worry about compatibility issues between your car and your stroller. The other benefit is the compactness of a car seat. It won’t be as heavy as a regular stroller and you’ll take less time setting it up.

The downsides to this type of stroller include the space restriction. Your baby could quickly become too big for the stroller because of the little space it comes with. At best, this type of stroller provides a temporary solution.


After knowing the type of stroller you want to go for the next consideration is the price. Strollers range from as low as $50 to as high as $500 and even higher. It isn’t true that the best strollers are expensive. You may get a stroller that isn’t very expensive and yet serves you well. Generally, it is best if you go for a stroller that isn’t insanely expensive but that also provides excellent service. You should have a budget beforehand then work around it to get the best stroller at that value.

Other Considerations Before Buying a Stroller

Several other basic pointers can guide you to the right stroller. These include:

Use With Newborns

Strollers that come with a deep recline can accommodate newborns. You can, therefore, keep your newborn in these strollers as soon as they are born with no consequences. Umbrella strollers and other kinds of portable strollers don’t have this provision. Your baby must have neck control to use these strollers correctly. If you have to use these strollers with a newborn, you may need several accessories.

Therefore if you have an infant and require a stroller, these lighter versions may not be the best.

Period of Usage

If you intend to use the stroller for long, then your considerations will differ from those of a short term user. For a short term user, even something as basic as a car seat stroller could suffice. However, if you need a stroller for multiple babies, then a full stroller may be the way to go. Full strollers have a sturdy construction and enough space to accommodate your growing baby. You can also use them for years without any hitches.

For these long term models, you must also consider compatibility with your car. It would be unfortunate to have a good stroller that doesn’t fit in your vehicle.

Ease Of Use

Most people will consider ease of use before purchasing any product, and it isn’t different with strollers. Full strollers are usually harder to set up and use effectively. The reasons for this are the additional components and the larger frame. At the other end of the scale, umbrella strollers are extremely easy to set up and use. They have a lesser number of components than full strollers and hence require less expertise to set up.

Before you buy a stroller, you can take it for a test drive. The test drive should give you more details about the ease of use. Ideally, you should test the stroller on uneven surfaces that will offer the maximum level of challenge.


How heavy a stroller is is a crucial factor that you should never ignore. Such a consideration is especially necessary if you intend to travel around with your stroller. Excess weight will hinder you and make your progress difficult. Lighter strollers, however, have fewer components. You may not need many elements and if that is the case, you should definitely go for a lighter stroller.

You may go for a bulky stroller if you won’t be using it over long distances or travelling with it. Planes are especially sensitive and some airlines may even have weight limits on strollers.

Number Of Strollers

,Depending on how many babies you have, you may need more than one stroller. If this is the case, you may consider splitting your budget on several lighter and cheaper strollers. Buying one full stroller could be unwise as you might need to get another stroller to handle all your babies.

Safety Considerations

Never buy a stroller with safety issues as it could severely harm your baby. Most strollers these days come with a five-point safety harness. Among some of the points in this five-point harness include secure straps and buckles. Some umbrella strollers may get away with a three-point safety harness. It is, therefore, your responsibility to check and ensure that all the stroller meets all the five safety points.

The last point on safety concerns the brakes. During your test drive, you should check your brakes to ensure that they perform well. Weak brakes are dangerous and could cause serious harm to your baby in case of an accident.

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