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? 5 Best Double Strollers With Optional Bassinets And Seat Review in 2019

When you have two kids or twins then having a double stroller is probably a good idea especially when you want to go outside with both of them for your adventures. If your kids need flat surfaces to lie on then their strollers needs a bassinet. Here at Best Baby Stroller Reviews we have reviewed and compiled a list of the best double strollers with a bassinet for you. Read below to find the best option for your babies

Thule Urban Glide 2 Stroller Thule ranks high in the double stroller market. It aces in every test and has state of the art features too. I’d ;like to talk about Thule Urban Glide2, the newest double stroller this company has to offer.

It’s sleek design is the first thing that will captivate. Although a double jogging stroller, it is multipurpose too. You can take it along even when you are travelling by plane. Its an awesome double stroller, with not one but many awesome features.

• Weight: Thule urban Glide weighs heavy at 35 pounds. It can hold up to a total of 100 pounds. Not bad at all. No need to worry about the weight. There are many other double strollers heavier than this and do not even have half the features that Urban Glide 2has. So hold on and continue reading.

• Wheels: The front wheels are swivel of course as it is a jogging stroller. You can easily lock the front wheels. There is a brake on the handle bar to stop the stroller. This is actually quite useful in responding quickly to obstacles.

The rear suspension offers a smoother ride as compared t other strollers. The front wheel locks with a knob near the wheel. You will not have a problem searching the knob as it is highlighted in blue.

• Maneuvering: The front wheels that swivel make it possible to maneuver the stroller easily. You can also lock the front wheel as per your convenience. It is 30.75 inches wide. So it might be a little too tight for some doorways but will get you through most doorways quite comfortably.

• Handle: Love the adjustable handle. Its comfortable and also has an attached wrist strap.

• Material: Thule not only makes stylish strollers but also one of the safest in the market. The material is safe to use and of superior quality. Seats are padded and also are the handles.

• Safety: For safety Thule has left no stone unturned. The hand brake, front wheel brake all help in maintaining the stability of the stroller. The rear wheel suspension too protects your children from sudden jerks and bumps.

Similarly the padded five point harness does not dig into your child’s skin. It is extremely safe and comfortable. There is also a wrist strap that you can wrap around your wrist and which protects the double stroller from rolling away. The knobs, brakes are highlighted in blue, so that you ca easily identify them.

• Fold/Compact: The Thule Urban Glide 2 has one of the most simple folds that i ahve seen. It’s actually quite ingenious, if I must say. What i like about the fold that it self stands when folded. And if you push a small blue button in the centre of the rear wheels, then the wheels too come off, making it super compact. It then becomes easy to store.

• Storage: For storage you will get mesh pockets in the seat to store bottles. Under the seat there is an extra large storage basket to store everything that your two children might need for an outing. There is also a zippered pocket outside the storage basket to store important things.

• Seat: The seats have a simple 5 point harness that is easy to strap in. The seat and shoulder straps are padded and comfortable. The seats recline individually in different positions. It can recline to an almost flat position for nap time.

• Canopy: The canopies on Thule Urban Glide 2 are extra large and are extendable. They come with a magnetic peek-a-boo window.

• Compatibility: The stroller is compatible with car seats and  a bassinet. So, it will be perfect for your new born.

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Mountain Buggy designs one of the best double strollers and its Mountain Buggy Duet double Stroller is at par with other best double strollers in the market. This double stroller can be sued till the time your kids become toddlers. By using the Mountain buggy Bassinet you can use it for your newborn baby too. Look at some of its fantastic features.

• Weight: It has a decent weight of 34 pounds. It can take a maximum load of 79 pounds. So, no worries this is a long time investment for you. You don’t have to change your stroller for your growing children.

• Wheels: The wheels are 2 mode fixed or swivel. The wheels are 10” that provide added stability and are air filled.

• Maneuvering: It is only 24.5” wide. This might be the slimmest double stroller that i have come across. You should not have even an iota of doubt for Thule Urban Glide 2 fitting through doorways. The double stroller will not only fit but glide easily through all doorways.

• Handle: The handle is adjustable so that you can adjust it according to your height. The padded handles give comfort and support.

• Material: The lightweight frame is made from 6063 T5 aluminum. It is quite sturdy. The seat liners are reversible and washable too. Thus giving your baby comfort and a clean feel. The fabric can easily be zipped off for cleaning.

• Safety: For safety, the 10” air filled tires absorb the most bumps on the road. You can lock the front wheels for more stability and safety. There is a detachable bumper bar that protects your baby. The 5 point harness is also a safety addition.

There is also an automatic frame lock for overall safety of the stroller. The foot brake too can be applied quite easily with your leg. You can lock the front wheels with the help of a knob near the wheel itself. The wrist strap prevents the stroller from rolling away.

• Fold/Compact: It has a one hand compact fold that makes it quite a breeze to store. The self stand mode too is quite valuable.

• Storage: There is a large basket under the basket that is actually quite enough to store all your essential things. Two mesh pockets are given at the sides to store bottle of water.

• Seat: The seat is built for comfort, fully recline, perfect for naps. The padded seats add to the comfort. The bassinet can be placed with seat facing you, a welcome option.

• Canopy: The individual canopies are extendable and very large. Both have visors and magnetic peek-a-boo windows.

Compatibility: You can easily attach the carrycot plus to this stroller without any hassle.
The Mountain buggy Duet is an enviable double stroller with all the essential features.

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Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat, Onyx, The Baby Jogger City Select is a stroller with a popularity to reckon with. I have placed it on this list for a variety of reasons. But the foremost is that it is the most versatile, compatible double stroller that you will find in the market. With a customizable design it is perfect when your family grows from one baby to two.

It blew me away when i came to know that it is now sold with the second seat kit included. Good going for this stroller. This stroller is not a jogging stroller but is perfect for those long walks in the park. Come on and see the features for yourself.

• Weight: The Baby Jogger City Select weighs 35 pounds. It is light for a double stroller as compared to other strollers. Each seat can hold a baby of up to 45 pounds. A decent figure.

• Wheels: This stroller’s front wheels are 8”and swivel to avoid obstruction of any kind. The 12” rear air filled wheels is perfect for all terrains. Your walks just got smoother with this stroller. I like that you can lock the front wheels for long distance strolling.

• Maneuvering: Maneuvering this stroller is rather basic. With two children, and with a full storage bag, you can still easily push the stroller. The parking brake provides a breather.

• Handle: The fact that i love about strollers is their adjustable handles and this double stroller made me happy by having a smooth padded adjustable handle. Experienced parents will always appreciate the presence of an adjustable handlebar.

• Material: It is hundred percent polyester and easy to clean. With Baby Jogger product you can be rest assured that the material is always top class. You will have no complaints here.

• Safety: Anyways coming to safety, the parking brakes, front lock wheels all play an important part in the safety of the stroller. In addition the separate 5 point harness protects your child from sudden bumps and keeps your child safely strapped in the seat.

• Fold/Compact: with an innovative fold, the stroller will completely satisfy you. I love the fact that when you lift the sides, the stroller completely folds itself and becomes compact. You can snap the latch and your stroller is ready for transportation.

• Storage: It has one large storage basket under the seat. It is more than enough to store essentials of both your children. What is missing is a parent and child’s tray.

• Seat: Built for comfort, the seats are padded, and with multi recline system, the seat is perfect for your children.

• Canopy: The UV50 canopy just blew me away. With top class material it offers a lot of shade during sunny days. It has a magnetic peek-a-boo window which allows you to check on your children quietly. How I absolutely detest Velcro windows.

• Compatibility: You can try 16 different combos from double tiered to car seats to a bassinet and single seat combo. You will have to buy a bassinet, car seats and other accessories.

Overall a damn good double stroller. Stylish, pretty, amazing features. However it is a bit on the costly side. But keep in mind that at a great price you are also getting top class accessories and features.

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Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller, Jet Black, A perfect double stroller for your growing family, the Bumbleride Indie Twin might be what you are looking for. This double stroller is so versatile that it can accommodate two children of different ages.

It’s always a blessing to be able to convert the stroller into a travel system and with this double stroller you sure can do that. Go on and read what amazing features this double stroller has in store for you.

• Weight: It weighs 34 pounds and has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 90 pounds. So, in terms of weight it is perfect.

• Wheels: This lightweight stroller has air filled tires for best performance. The tires are bicycle tires. The independent suspension provides sturdiness to the stroller.

• Maneuvering: The 12’ tires are easy to maneuver. You can squeeze in this stroller through the narrowest doorways. It is definitely one of the smoothest strollers that I have seen.

• Handle: The handle is adjustable which is great especially when one parent is short and the other tall. The comfortable padded handle provides a sure and firm grip.

• Material: The material of this double stroller Oeko Tex certified. The fabric is made 50% recycled plastic. It is safe for your children. The soft interior fabric is made from 50% bamboo charcoal.

• Safety: For safety the 5 point harness with shoulder pads are simply great. The wrist strap too adds to the safety and is adjustable.

• Fold/Compact: it folds remarkably small. It can comfortably fit in the trunks of most cars.

• Storage: There is a generous amount of space in the storage basket under the seat. It also has a cup holder for your beverages.

• Seat: The seats can be reclined in many positions thus offering comfort for your babies. The recline is almost flat and can be adjusted to your child’s requirement. Great, isn’t it?

• Canopy: the extra large canopies provide enough shade and cool to your kids. A perfect ride for sunny days. The footrest too is adjustable providing added comfort.

• Compatibility: A universal car seat adapter is included in the stroller, but only one. You will have to buy another for the second seat. You can also attach a bassinet to this stroller for your newborn.

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Bugaboo Donkey Complete Duo Stroller – Petrol Blue – Aluminum ,Bugaboo Donkey Duo Complete Duo Stroller, is certainly a complete double stroller. Buy this and trust me you will not have to buy any other accessories. There are 17 different combinations with which you can assemble the seat. You can reverse the seats so that the children face you.

This is all possible due to its interchangeable seats, bassinet, and luggage options. This stroller is going to be your companion from your children’s infant hood to toddlerhood. So, it will be money well spent. Please continue reading to know more about this fabulous product.

• Weight: Along with the seat the double stroller weighs just 34.4 pounds. It can carry a weight of 37 pounds for each seat. A pretty decent configuration.

• Wheels: The front wheels are 10” and swivel for greater ease and maneuverability. The rear wheels are 12”. The all wheel suspension on Bugaboo Donkey is actually quite great and provides an easy ride for both your kids. It has a single action brake system that is easy to activate. It has a parking brake and it applies in no time.

• Maneuvering: It turns at your slightest touch and is easy to maneuver. The Bugaboo Donkey is sturdy and it sure is easy to turn corners with this double stroller:

• Handle: In Bugaboo Donkey, you can adjust the height on the handlebar at your convenience. This is a necessary feature because every parent has a different height.

• Safety: Safety standards have been maintained by Bugaboo. The parking brake, All wheel suspension, 5 point harness, single action brake system all these are safety measures in the stroller,

• Fold/Compact: It has a one step fold and is quite a breeze to operate the fold. Once folded it becomes compact and is suitable for storage. It also has a folded self stand.

• Storage: The basket under the seat is just average in size. There are other strollers with bigger baskets. It doesn’t have a parent and baby tray. But it does have a side storage basket which more than covers up for the medium sized under the seat basket.

• Seat: The seats are not only reclinable but are also reversible. The seats have multi position recline.

• Canopy: The canopies are present in the infant carriers. The bassinet too has a good canopy but with no peek-a-boo window. There are two extendable sun canopies that are sufficient to protect your children from the sun.

• Compatibility: it is compatible with many car seats. You just have to click it into place. Since it already comes with a bassinet, you have to click the bassinet into place. Its rather basic to connect the car seat or the bassinet.

Besides these features, it also comes with two rain covers.

So considering all the features available, this is one of the best double stroller with bassinet. However, there are other double strollers that come at a cheaper rate if you can do without the car seats and bassinet.

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After going through the list “Best 5 Double Strollers With Optional Bassinets And Seat In 2019” you must have realized that strollers that are compatible with car seats are also compatible with a bassinet. And are also on the expensive side.

There is a whole range of strollers that are compatible with a bassinet. Hope this list ”Best 5 Double Strollers With Optional Bassinets And Seat In 2019‘ gives you some idea on what kind of double stroller you should buy.

Hope you will share Best Baby Strollers Reviews with your friends and family.

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