Expert Blogger Tips – Top 3 Tips For Baby Safety To First Time Mother 2019

Hi people , Today I am posting my first expert round up. I didn’t got too many people on this round up but the one’s I got are the most lovely blogger out there 🙂 .

You can read the Top 3 Tips For Baby Safety To First Time Mother from below mentioned expert blogger and follow it. If you are blogger and blog on the same Niche and want to add you Tips here on this page then let me know 🙂 .

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Baby Safety Tips For First Time Mother


Kimberly –


1.       NEVER assume anything. Even if you think your baby won’t roll off the changing table, or put something in their mouth they shouldn’t – THINK AGAIN! Things can happen in a heartbeat. Never leave your child unattended, even for a moment. If you need to do something get someone to watch the baby, put the baby in a safe place (crib, bouncy seat) or take your child with you.

2.       Take first aid and CPR classes BEFORE your baby is born. It will give you peace of mind. As a first time mom I would freak out every time my baby would cough. I always thought she was choking on something (even though she wasn’t). Having peace of mind knowing that you are prepared in case of an emergency is a Godsend and could help your child (or someone else’s) someday.

3.       Take care to baby proof your home. Some people might skip this step thinking their home is safe enough. You NEED outlet covers, baby gates (especially to keep a crawling baby out of the kitchen and from falling down stairs), furniture protectors (our son fell and hit his face on the corner of the coffee table and it was a bloody mess!) and covers for the pull cords for your blinds (once our daughter had the cord in her mouth!).


Penelope Guzman –

Penelope Guzman

When I was a first time mom, I baby-proofed everything. It’s a good thing too, because once your baby can lift his head, crawl, and even walk, it’s on! They are curious and want to see what everything is like (and what they taste like- everything goes in their mouth) so I used playpens and safety gates to keep my baby enclosed in safe areas.

I made sure no furniture with sharp corners, pencils, heavy items, or glass were anywhere nearby. Nothing that can be climbed (and fallen off of) should be close either, and no toys with batteries when they are very little- they will find a way to get to them!


Teresa –


You never know the full picture of what it’s like to be a mom until you have your first baby. Your first priority will be to keep the baby safe because the love you will feel for that baby will be unlike anything

you’ve ever experienced. Now, you cannot prevent everything from happening, but there are a lot of things you can do.

1. Keep all poisonous or hazardous liquids in either a baby-proofed cabinet, or in a cabinet that is too far up for your child to reach one he or she gets old enough to wander.

2. Before you purchase anything for the baby, including the crib, storage areas for toys, check the reviews on the product first. Also, look to see if there are any recall issues with the brand or product. You don’t want to buy something only to find out later that it either doesn’t work appropriately or is dangerous.

3. Car seat safety is extremely important. Make sure to read the guidelines for the height and weight of your child when it comes to the carseat. Check out this checklist to ensure your child’s safety as you drive home from the hospital, go to the store, or play in the park.

Lastly, this is not a safety tip, but make sure you snuggle with your baby as much as possible, because you’ll miss those snuggles when they get older.


Trisha Roberts –

Trisha Roberts

The first year of life is so exciting for baby and parents alike! Each day you will watch your baby explore their world– discovering different ways to move, new sights, unique tastes, and exciting textures. As babies start to move they are exposed to more risk of falls and injury. My three pieces of advice are:

1. Keep your infant on the floor! Put them on their tummy on a blanket or rug from early on. This not only works on improving the crucial skills learned in Tummy Time (see my blog about the Importance of Tummy Time) but keeps them safe from rolling off beds, chairs, or couches. You think, “They can’t roll off of this,” but you turn your back and SMACK, they have landed on the floor.

2. Babies usually start to crawl between 8-10 months of age. When they crawl they are constantly looking for something with which to pull themselves up to standing. All bookshelves, entertainment centers or any unstable furniture needs to be secured to the wall.

All dangling cords need to be wrapped and/or tucked out of reach or your baby will pull the cord and the attached lamp, clock, or appliance could fall on their head. Make sure that dresser drawers can’t be opened and used for climbing, as the weight of your child could topple the entire dresser.

3. Gate the top and bottom of your staircases. Babies learn to crawl up stairs 1-2 months before they learn to turn backward and crawl down the stairs. Many Emergency Room visits are due to children tumbling down stairs.


Nurul Qastalani –


Baby especially newborn has a very low immunity system. Avoid taking the baby to indoor crowd such as shopping mall or big family gathering unless needed. No doubt we appreciate seeing people excited to touch and kiss the cute little baby. However this could transfer contagious germs, bacteria, and virus to the baby. A mother could keep her baby busy breastfeeding or keep the baby in a stroller / baby-wearing to limit people temptation to touch.

If baby-wearing is your choice, prioritize baby-wearing safety. Remember T.I.C.K.S rules: (Tight, In view at all times, Close enough to kiss, Keep chin of the chest, and Supported back).

In certain countries, ergonomic soft structured carrier (SSC) could be expensive. This scarf / pashmina trick would help to convert your non-supportive narrow based carrier into a correct ergonomic position. (Refer this link:

I remember few years back there was cases of baby dies from vehicular heatstroke in Malaysia. The reason was the parent forgot her daughter was on the backseat. In another case, also because the parent forgot that the baby was sleeping on the back seat. Living in a hectic and stressful life and job, we always forget things. This suggestion might sound funny but putting something important on the back seat as a reminder isn’t a new idea. You should leave one of your shoes next to the baby. Therefore, you’ll take the shoe first every time you step out of the car.

The most important thing is pray regularly for your child safety. I believe prayer is a powerful instrument that we have. Oh God, put a hedge of safety around our children!

That’s It Guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this expert blogger on baby safety tips for first time mother. Let me know you thoughts and if you want to participate then email me or comment below Thanks.. And Keep reading Baby Doll Stroller Reviews.Com

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