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Graco Jogging Strollers


graco jogging strollers
This an image of a woman pushing a stroller in a park

Graco is a company in the branch of baby products since 1953. Focused on those parents who are on a limited budget It makes a wide variety of items, from car seats to swings. It has a broad line of strollers. Several of these models focused on parents with a rather sporty side. Who wants to get the most out of each trip without worrying about taking risky routes or that their baby feels uncomfortable during it. This is a review of some of the Graco’s Jogging Stroller

Graco FitFold Jogging Stroller

The Graco FitFold is a high-performance stroller that is built to last. This stroller has a wide variety of accessories that are very convenient for parents and children. When going out for a walk it gives a premium feel because of its durable and quality materials. And taking walks is not the only thing you can do with the FitFold; Parents with active fitness lives who want to go out for a workout by taking their baby for a jog with them. While keeping him safe and comfortable in the seat.

Folding Systems

The folding system that this model presents is one of “one hand, one second,” being called like this because it is relatively quick and straightforward. It’s able to stand alone, and it leaves your stroller folded to a surprisingly compact size. Which can fit inside the trunk of the car, in closets, or small storage spaces without any problem. Its deployment system is not as easy as “one hand, one second”. It is still a straightforward procedure that will not take you even five minutes.


This model has a very comfortable seat for your baby. It is padded and quite spacious. It has a recline range that allows us to carry from 4-month-old babies to seated toddlers without any inconvenience or discomfort for them. The FitFold has a five-point safety harness convertible to a three-point for added passenger comfort; It is relatively safe and quality. When opening and closing it, it is a quick task to avoid annoying the little passenge


With a system of three air-filled rubber wheels, this model is ideal for jogging. Thanks to its suspension, you can tackle uneven paths smoothly and without disturbing your baby in the seat. This model is also so smooth when driving that it is possible to maneuver it with one hand without a problem. Concerning storage space, we have a basket under the seat. Although it is not so large, you can easily carry a regular diaper bag.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller

This stroller is a beautiful model, with its finishes and materials stand out quite a bit among its competitors. Although it is a bit heavy. Which it makes up for with its build quality, which is already a regular in Graco strollers. It has a one-hand folding system, leaving it in acceptably small size; although not the most compact, its deployment, even when it requires using both hands, does not mean that it is a more complicated process.

Safety and Design

This seat’s design can be a bit peculiar initially since it tends to lean forward instead of back, commonly observed in a stroller. This helps parents when taking the baby out and carrying it more straightforwardly and smoothly. It features a five-point safety harness that may be a bit too large for some babies. This is offset by the adjustment in the crotch strap, a feature rarely seen among its competitors.


This stroller’s maneuverability can be difficult and rigid at the beginning, but as it is used, it becomes much softer. However, it is not advised to use it with just one hand since, being a somewhat heavy stroller, it tends to change the path with ease if this is done. It can tackle various terrains relatively quickly, but it is still recommended to be used on flat terrain for a smoother ride. 

It has a three-wheel design made of a durable material that does the job adequately, although it does not have the best suspension. The braking system can be a bit uncomfortable as the two rear wheels must be locked individually, and it tends to be a factor that parents easily forget. Its storage space is average, with a medium-sized basket under the seat, although this can be difficult to reach. It has a parent tray with cup holders and a practical cell phone base despite being relatively shallow for some cups.

Graco Modes Jogging 2.0 Stroller

The Graco Modes Jogger 2.0 is a fantastic stroller that delivers so much more than one might expect in all of the highlights; from its jogging ability to its SPF50 + protection factor hood, this stroller exceeds all expectations. As well as being merely eye-catching, finished in quality, durable materials, this has been one of Graco’s best hits when it comes to launching.


In addition to being able to stand up only at the time of folding. Its quick folding system in just one step is only improved because it can be done with one hand. Another plus is the compact size that results when folded. This stroller may look bulky, but it has no problem fitting in almost any trunk and closet that parents may have at home. Deployment is nearly as easy, and it locks into place practically automatically.


It has a reversible seat so your baby can be facing the world or you without a problem; this feature is ideal for transporting newborn babies. It has a recline range that makes it comfortable for both newborns and older children. They will be safe thanks to the five-point safety harness. Which is adjustable and transformable to a three-point one without any problem for when your little one is growing.


This model, being an update of a previous model, has surprising maneuverability and adapts easily. It has also shown outstanding performance even in the harshest terrain. Thanks to its three air-filled rubber wheels design and a suspension that will keep your child free from sudden movements and unwanted jolts. Its ride is so smooth that you can take it with one hand through a crowded street without any complications. Its braking system is first class.

Storage Space

The storage space is yet another thing that we can highlight about this Modes 2.0 model. It has an easily accessible and large basket; In it, you can easily carry a large diaper bag and have it always at hand from almost any angle. Behind the seat is a pocket so you can comfortably carry things like toys or water bottles. In addition to this, it has trays with cup holders for the little one and a tray with cup holders and a cell phone base for the parents.

Graco Jogging Stroller in a nutshell

Graco’s line of jogging strollers is one that has quality items, attractive designs, and finishes. It is practical for those parents who want to take walks through many risky terrains. Besides, it has a reasonably accessible price list for parents on a tight budget; if any of these fills your list of needs, you should not hesitate to buy it.

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