? The 5 Highest Rated Strollers Under $300 In 2020

Are you looking for one of the highest rated double stroller under $300 budget?

Well, we’ve collected some of the best and highest rated products for mothers of twins. Yeah, these double strollers are made by keeping twin parents in mind. 

Moreover, we’ve also kept budget bar limited to 300$ due to many parent’s demand for best choice within that price range.

Also, we keep several selection criteria in mind while curating our list of products, so that our readers get best of the both the worlds.

So, for what we’re waiting for? Let’s proceed with real part. 

Highest Rated Double Stroller Under $300 In 2020

#1. Schwinn Arrow Double Stroller - Editor's Pick for Top Rated Stroller Under 300$

Schwinn Arrow Double Stroller, Red/Black , The Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel double stroller is among the prime strollers in the budget category.

You might not get a better double stroller than Schwinn in the low budget category. The features offered too are one of the best and popular in the market. Obviously it’s not in the ranks of Bob, Uppa Baby but it definitely is not inferior. 

  • Wheels and Maneuverability

Yeah, first thing that should be our concern while looking for one of the highest rated double stroller within a budget is wheels and maneuverability.

Well, The 16” wheels are pneumatic tires air filled in this double stroller. Also, The molded rims provide performance and the rear dual shocks provide a smooth ride. 

Moreover, Maneuvering the stroller through the city is a breeze. Its narrow frame assures that you can fit in through most doorways across the city.

  • Weight and Fold

Well, This top end double stroller weighs 36 pounds, though heavy its fold easy too and is compact when folded. So, you are good to travel anywhere with Schwinn Stroller.

  • Handle and Safety

I really like the handle’s ability to adjust. Yeah, It is helpful especially when both parents are of different height. I found it really soft and easy to push. 

Well, this is something that helped us in including this product in our curation process of highest rated double strollers on the market.

Also, There’s an mp3 speaker attached to the handle that accepts most MP3 players. So, you can now plug in your ear phones and enjoy your jogging and shopping with your kids and stroller.

  • Material

Well, Material is of great quality. No worries here!

  • Storage

Now, if we talk about storage then the storage basket is loved by all. Yeah, It snaps off completely which is great. You can store baby diaper bags, to toys in this basket. 

Also, The stroller comes with two baby cup holders and also a parent tray.

  • Seat and Canopy

Yeah, The padded seat provide great comfort to your baby and also have multi recline positions. Your baby will love the comfort of the seat. 

Also, The canopies can be individually adjusted. And yeah, They are big enough to cover your baby from the heat and sun rays. Shopping and Jogging will now become an awesome experience for both you and the kids.

  • Compatibility

The Schwinn Stroller double stroller is compatible with most car seats.

This is definitely one of the best strollers in the low budget market. If you don’t mind a low budget stroller then go for Schwinn instead of Bob or Uppababy. This is one of the best Highest Rated Double Strollers Under $300.

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#2. Graco Fastaction Fold Duo Click Connect - Comfort Becomes Affordable With It.

The Graco FastAction fold Duo Click Connect is a multi purpose stroller. It is perfect for all types of terrain and seasons. It is a budget, great price and good double stroller stroller for a growing family. You can take it with you when you travel.

  • Wheels and Maneuverability

Yeah, This stroller comes with two wheels that swivel and lock. Its width is 31” so getting through most doorways is easy but some doorways might pose a problem. The rear wheel has a parking brake.

Also, The front lockable wheels have suspension and makes it easy for you to handle and maneuver the stroller through the city. 

So, Getting across aisles, turning corners is easy with this stroller. Since it is light weight, pushing the stroller across a city is a breeze.

  • Weight and Fold

The Stroller weighs 33 pounds which is not heavy. Even C-section moms can easily carry the strollers. The one second single step fold is so simple and easy that even a baby will be able to do it. It’s convenient to travel with.

You can easily manage folding the stroller while holding on to a bag also. The external latch makes it easy for you to secure your stroller tightly. Each seat can accommodate 50 pounds.

  • Handle and Safety

Yeah, The adjustable handle is a boon for you because you can comfortably adjust it according to your height. For safety the stroller has 3 and 5 point harness

Moreover, The rear wheel as well as front wheel lock too come in handy to stop or control the speed of the stroller. This high rated double stroller could be safest stroller for your kids.

  • Material

Made of lightweight you can comfortably carry the stroller. It is of top class material and you will have no complaints about the material.

  • Storage

This stroller has not one but two extra large storage baskets to store essential items for the baby. The cup holders for your infant are removable and can be pivoted away so that you can reach your infant comfortably.

The storage tray near the handle with cup holder is designed especially for you. So, for storage you have space enough to keep your essentials properly and safe.

  • Seat and Canopy

Yeah, The seats in this stroller are built for comfort. They are padded and offer multi recline positions that too independently. 

Also, The canopies are large and the two canopies can be adjusted independently. The UV50 protective seat canopies offer protection from sun rays

  • Compatibility

The double stroller accepts two Graco Click Connect infant car seat. Your baby will get the most wonderful and safe rides with this stroller. 

Well, Your kids will love the rides and your family can pick this Highest Rated Double Strollers Under $300 any time.

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#3. Baby Trend Sit N Stand - A Highest Rated Double Stroller Under $300 Bar

Baby Trend brings to yet another stroller with great features and great price. This high rated double stroller is going to be your aid till your infant reach toddlerhood. A sit and stand stroller it has some remarkable features and also a lot more to offer. It comes in three colors.

Wheels and Maneuverability

Firstly, This tandem stroller has front swivel wheels that lock. Its width is 21.5” hence there is no question of it fitting through doorways. 

Yeah, It can pass through most doorways quite comfortably. The high rated double stroller is easy to maneuver your way through the city as it weighs only 35 pounds.

Weight and Fold

Also, This stroller weighs 35 pound which is light considering it’s a double stroller. Its compact and no nonsense fold makes it compact. 

So, You can just fold it and  its ready to travel. The front seat can accommodate a baby up to 50 pounds and back seat till 40 pounds.

Moreover, The jump seat or platform can bear a weight of 50 pounds. So it means as your children grow you will not be required to buy another stroller, this will work just fine for you.

Handle and Safety

Well, The handle is padded and is easy to use. For safety, the five point harness will secure your baby and even protect from bumps and bad roads. 

Also, The foot activated rear back stops the stroller and slows it down. The footbrake is quite comfortable to apply.


Yeah, Storage solutions are galore in this stroller. The under the seat basket is large and is easily accessible. From baby clothes, to toys, to groceries, everything you might need for two children can fit in quite easily. Each seat has trays with two baby cup holders.

These trays can be easily removed so that you can conveniently reach your child. For parents too there is a covered tray with two cup holders. 

Life just got easy, right? I feel that this high rated double stroller is an ideal example for storage. All strollers should have these basic storage spaces.

Seat and Canopy

Yeah, The front seat is multi recline and can be adjusted easily. The rear seat can be removed so that the stroller can be converted to a Sit and Stand Stroller. 

Also, There are two canopies each for both seats. The canopies are adjustable and removable. You can be rest assured that your children will be safe from the sun’s rays.


Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Eclipse Stroller is compatible with many car seats. It accepts two car seats, its your wish which car seat you want to travel with.

If you are in the market looking for a tandem stroller in a budget yet want most amenities then Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Eclipse Stroller is the one for your family.

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#4. Baby Trend Navigator - Best Pick By Our Readers for Highest Rated Double Stroller

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, Vanguard, Coming in three different colors, the Baby Trend Navigator is a wonderful double jogger stroller with affordable price. For your growing family, this is a perfect aide.

This side by side high rated double jogger stroller is also compatible with many car seats. It is also a perfect option if you have twins.

Wheels and Maneuverability

First of all, the pneumatic bicycle tires are going to impress you. Furthermore, the front wheels are swivel and locking ones. So it’s easy to move around. 

Also, The air filled tires cushion the impact on rough terrains thus making the ride smoother for your munchkins.

Pushing the stroller, going around corners is a breeze with the Baby Trend Navigator. The wheels can be removed easily for washing also. It’s width is 32.5” so getting through to some doorways might just be a tight squeeze. However, it will fit through most doorways.

Weight and Fold

The double jogger stroller weighs 43 pounds which is indeed quite heavy. The saving grace is that you can do a one-handed fold. 

However, it does not fold up tiny, it does need adequate space. With a bulky stroller you will also get a whole list of amenities which you might not find in other strollers.

Handle and Safety

The adjustable handle bar is perfect for jogging purposes. There are reflectors on the wheel and frame for visibility. 

Moreover, The 5 point safety harness for both your children makes sure that your kids are securely strapped in.


The seats are padded and can be easily washed. The rest of the stroller too is top class. No worries here!


This side by side high rated double jogger stroller offers you all the storage you might need for two children and yourself. 

Let’s begin with the children’s tray. Yeah, There are two of those with snack and cup holders. There is a large parent tray too with snack and two cup holders.

The large basket under the seat is perfect for the things for two children. Did I mention that the children’s tray can easily be removed? 

For music lovers, the parent tray has inbuilt speakers that accept MP3 players. You can now listen to music while jogging.

Seat and Canopy

The padded seats offer extra comfort and can be easily washed. You can quite comfortably recline both the seats individually. 

Recognizing each child’s individual needs, the seats have multi recline position. Canopies too are adjustable. Both seats have their own individual canopies.


Baby Trend Navigator accepts two Flex Loc baby car seats.

All in all a power packed, feature packed stroller. With so many features it is not at all expensive.

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$5. Joovy Scooter X2 - Best Performer For Highest Rated Double Stroller On The Market.

JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black , The JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller has a sleek, top class finished body. It looks super cool and has some super cool features as well.

If you want to go for a walk, or to a zoo or just to the neighborhood supermarket, JOOVY will serve every purpose. Keep reading to know more about this one of a kind stroller.

  • Weight and Fold

Firstly, Double front wheels add stability to the stroller. It does not wobble. Maneuvering the JOOVY Scooter X2 through a city is like a breeze.

Yeah, The wheels add to its stability and turn at the slightest touch of the handle. The width of the stroller is only 30” and can fit comfortably through most doorways. The front wheel suspension too helps in maneuvering.

  • Handle and Safety  

Well, The handle is padded for comfort. It has a foam cover and center hand hold made of rubber. The JOOVY has a single action brake that clicks when engaged. 

Also, For safety individual 5 point harnesses are put in place. Suspension too works in tune with the brakes and increases the safety.

It also has an adjustable crotch strap that secures your child snugly. 

Moreover, The parking brake will prevent the stroller from rolling away from you. The removable bumper bar protects your children from obstacles and also prevents them from leaning over.

  • Material

Made with 600D canvas material, the JOOVY is durable and soft. The material fits tightly across the stroller and is not loose or folds. 

Also, The stitching is neat, no loose threads or untidy lines. The high rated double stroller frame is made of aluminum and is quite lightweight, making it suitable to take it with you when you travel.

  • Storage

For storage there is a very large basket under the seat that can accommodate essentials for two children quite comfortably. 

Going further, There are two large zippered pockets at the rear which can store all your baby essentials. The two cup holders for the baby are welcome as storage options.

  • Seat and Canopy

The seats can individually recline in multiple positions. They can be reclined to an almost flat position for nap time. 

As mentioned earlier, the material is soft and padded and perfectly safe for your children.  The canopy extra large and easily protect your children from the sunrays.

It also has a kick out visor for added sun and rain protection. The canopy is so large that it can cover the knees of most passengers.

Yeah, It has a perfect ventilation for fresh air on humid days. 

Additionally, there’s a large peek-a-boo window that offers clear view of your children and at the same time offer ventilation too. The only negative point is that the canopy is single and not one for each seat.

  • Compatibility

Lastly, You can buy the car seat adapter if you want to attach easily car seats. It can easily be compatible then.

The JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller can easily rank among the top 3 strollers if we gave ranks. It offers  power packed amenities. It does not compromise on safety, quality. The JOOOVY is perfect double stroller for taking your family on daily adventures to parks, zoos, playgrounds and other public places.

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All these Top rated Double Strollers Under $300 are excellent when it comes to features and quality. What’s more is that all come under $300. Yeah, these are worth the price for the quality it possess.

If you are on a budget then one of these could be the double stroller for you. On the net you might find other strollers that are not featured on this list. But as mentioned earlier, in this list we’ve only curated top end products that has best among all the most popular features and amenities.

Hope you enjoyed reading this list of Highest Rated Double Strollers Under $300. You can do shopping for all these strollers on Amazon at a good price.

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