How Old is Too Old for a Stroller?

Most experts agree that three years should be the oldest age for a baby in a stroller. Allowing a baby to stay past this age in a stroller has its dangers. These dangers include stunted development and over-reliance on the stroller. For this reason, let us look at several reasons why retiring your baby’s stroller is necessary. We will also take a closer look into the why and when you should remove your child from the stroller.

Reasons For Retiring The Stroller

The main reason you might want to put the stroller away is that your child is past the age of using a stroller. However, there are other reasons for this, too, including:

Increasing the level of activity of the kid

Strollers are suitable for babies, but as they grow older, they become more active. Taking away the stroller will increase your child’s ability to walk around which helps them develop their muscles. Physical activity also helps children develop their brains and maintain healthy body weight.

Quicker Movement

While strollers help kids, they might be a hindrance for adults. This hinderance is particularly bad if you have a double stroller or several of them. Moving through crowded places could prove difficult and become a nuisance. In such a situation, it would be best to retire your stroller especially if your child is big enough.

The Correct Age For Retiring A Stroller

Three years is an ideal age to take your kid out of the stroller. At that age, a kid has well-developed muscles that should let him move around with ease. Most parents usually fear that their kids will have a hard time adjusting to the absence of a stroller. Nothing could be further from the truth. Well adjusted kids will appreciate the greater freedom and will be eager to go around exploring with their feet.

Early Retirement

There are legitimate arguments for retiring the stroller even earlier than three years. Some experts argue that strollers greatly hinder muscle development from as early as three months old. While it might not be the best idea to take away a stroller earlier than one year, there are several things you can do to curb overdependence including:

Encourage your kid to crawl and walk around the house

Having a kid walking outside is a stretch, but indoor walking and crawling are perfect. Your baby will get the required muscle development and won’t need a stroller for long.

Encourage your kid to interact with other kids: Interaction with other kids could boost development and reduce reliance on a stroller. When kids play together, there are all kinds of physical activities that strengthen muscles and encourage your kid to move around without dependence on a stroller.

Special Conditions

The retirement age doesn’t apply to all kids.  Kids with medical conditions that hinder physical or mental development need them. For such kids, a stroller is essential as they wouldn’t function properly without it. Usually, a medical professional will give you information on any conditions and advise you appropriately on what to do.

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