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maclaren double stroller
Maclaren is a brand founded in England which offer high quality strollers

Maclaren is a brand founded in England specializing in high-quality strollers made from lightweight aluminum. This brand offers first-rate products thinking mainly of the busy parents living in the chaotic urban environment. This brand offers a wide variety of products that meet parents’ and their babies’ needing; below, we will see some of their most outstanding strollers. Today we will be reviewing two of their products. They are designed for those future parents of twins or who will have a second child, and the previous one is still at the age to go in a stroller. These double strollers are made of quality materials and are in a price range that, while not the cheapest, is quite accessible for many of these parents.

Maclaren Twin Techno Double Stroller

Stroller’s compactness

The Maclaren Twin Techno Twin model is a stroller that surprises us by being so light and compact, something rarely seen in a stroller for twins, much less in a side-by-side model. Its size is narrow enough to fit through a regular-size door seamlessly, just like supermarket aisles. Its folding and unfolding system is quite simple and can be done with only one hand. Once folded, its size allows it to be easily stored in a car trunk or closet without taking up much space.

A comfortable ride

Each seat in this Maclaren double stroller has a capacity of 55lbs; however, the seats can be a bit tight for some children. Its chairs are independent, each having its recline and hood, ideal for when we have children of different ages, one wants to be reclined and the other seated; this will not be a problem with the Twin Techno reclining sets. This stroller achieves a reclining that, although it is not entirely lying down, is quite deep so that children can take a comfortable nap. In addition to this, the seats have an adjustable footrest.

Safety features

The hood that these seats have is a square one that has a UV protection window and a sun visor. It also has adjustable height. Additionally, it has vents to maximize airflow inside your baby’s seat. You have to lift the canopy from the back, which leaves an area exposed for more excellent air circulation. It also has an elastic flap for when to cover the stroller with the rain cover.

It has strong five-point harnesses that can keep your baby secured at all times during the ride. This harness is comfortable for parents to open and close. But we should not worry that babies can accidentally open it as it is complicated enough for them to do so; since we must press the front and rear button simultaneously so that they can be released.

Maneuverability of the stroller

It has a six-wheel system, which can be stable but tends to be impractical as the rear center wheels are in the path of the parents’ feet when walking. This results in kicking them accidentally. Its front wheels have a suspension system. The braking system is activated by operating a latch. Which is located on the rear wheel’s side, locking the wheels for safe, slip-free braking. However, this latch can be a bit aggressive on your shoes or toes.

Storage space

The Twin Techno has two storage baskets, one under each seat, which gives us ample and practical space for carrying objects such as small diaper bags, toys, clothes changes, or even carrying grocery bags. However, it may be more challenging to reach a thing when the seats are fully reclined. It has two bottle holders at the rear of the chairs and two pockets for storing quick-access items.

Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller

The Maclaren Twin Triumph is a very high-quality double stroller made of resistant materials, although they are a bit heavy for this type of stroller, with about 23lbs in weight. However, for a double stroller, it is not so bad. Its maneuverability is remarkable and provides unmatched ease of use despite its size. This stroller offers, among its characteristics, pleasant seats, additional storage pockets, and canopies with adequate protection. The folding and unfolding system requires two hands that curiously start with the foot, making this task uncomfortable for people with sandals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stand up on its own, but it makes up for it by having an automatic lock that works well.

Comfortable double stroller

The Twin Triumph has padded seats with an independent recline system that is useful, although challenging to handle. The seatbacks do not recline to a flat position; they do recline far enough for you to nap. The seat’s reclining activates at the push of a button, which can be jammed or stiff in some cases; they slide and sit upright with it. Their seats have leg rests made up of a padded flap for both seats.

Safe and protective

The five-point harness on this model is quite enigmatic; although it claims to be the usual Maclaren harness, this is much more difficult to adjust, open, and close than other models. This challenge also applies to the adjustment of the straps, which, although they can secure your baby in their seat, tend to be hard to adjust their adjustment. Following the idea of ​​protection, the Twin Triumph canopies are extensive and have a UPF50 + protection factor, plus they have a sun visor.

Maneuverability of the double stroller

Its wheels are your average Maclaren wheels, relatively soft and performing well on flat, smooth roads. The brakes on its wheels are very easy to use, and when actuated, they give a handy confirmation click to make sure everything is correctly positioned. Besides, these are suitable for use with sandals as they are soft to attach and release.

This stroller has a dual front wheel design that allows it to steer and turn well, even with one hand (Although not recommended due to the creation of its handlebar). Despite claiming to have suspension on all its wheels, this stroller does not cope very well with uneven terrain, being difficult to handle, changing course in an unwanted way, and suffering from intense shocks that could affect the baby.

Available storage

The Twin Triumph has two storage baskets under its seats with a capacity not that extensive but will support a regular diaper bag without any problem. Unfortunately, access to these baskets is not the best because their opening is somewhat narrow, and it’s not easy to fit large bags. Luckily this stroller has pockets behind each seat to store personal items and quick access.

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