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Maxi Cosi Strollers


maxi cosi stroller
A baby in a stroller

When you start shopping for a baby on the way, one of the most important things is your stroller, the baby will be in it when you take it out for a walk when you go to the supermarket, and at almost any time when you are not at home. So it must be comfortable, light and practical, which in Maxi Cosi they understand correctly; that is why they offer us some of the best strollers in the current market. Yes, these are for those parents who are willing to pay a little more for all the extra comforts. Still, when it comes to our baby, nothing is enough, right?

Maxi Cosi Lila Stroller

The Lila model by Maxi Cosi is a Premium stroller, large and made of very resistant and first-class materials. This stroller is one of the best within its branch. It is designed in a safe, aerodynamic, and comfortable way, both for parents and babies. Having so many extras, such as the inclusion of accessories, such as the fact that it allows users from the first day and that it even has a comfortable and padded handle, makes the handling and using this stroller have a category feel. At the time of the fold, it may be slightly larger than many other models. Its construction and quality make this a factor that does not prevent its overall performance from being excellent.


This car’s size will never impede its handling; it drives quickly and smoothly without letting its weight weigh you down. It performs surprisingly efficiently on terrains such as sand, gravel, grass, and many irregularities. Being comfortable for your baby, thanks to its large wheels and suspension, the child will not feel anything lying on the seat.


A noteworthy feature of this model is the possibility of adapting it to carry two children at the same time; yes, you can transform it into a double stroller. It has two different seats, one padded and reclining until lying down, facing the father or the street, ideal for newborn or very young children. It also has a more upright seat so that when your baby grows, he can sit more comfortably in this comfortable and breathable seat. On this front, we realize that this is a stroller designed to last a minimum of four years of our infant’s life.


In safety terms, it has an adjustable and safe harness, as well as a reliable braking system that will leave you calm even when braking on an inclined road. It also has an awning that can move 360ยบ to keep your baby covered and protected from the sun always. In the storage section, its performance is also quite good, having a reasonably big removable basket at the bottom of the seat to store everything you need. Even cleaning this stroller is not difficult, as many of its accessories are removable to make the task easier for many parents.    

Maxi Cosi Zelia Stroller

The Zelia model is one of the most versatile strollers that you can find on the market; it includes everything you could expect and need in a stroller. This stroller’s comfort begins with its folding and unfolding; It is unnecessary to remove the seat before folding. It may take several steps before it is fully folded and secured, but these are quick and easy. When it is folded, it stands alone and is so light and compact, almost unbelievable. To unfold, we have to release the safety, rearrange the chassis and voila, and use it.


The driving and handling of this stroller can be a bit deceptive since being so large. It may not go most smoothly and comfortably through some very narrow places, but outside of this detail, it is perfect. Besides, its three-wheel system, made with high-quality materials, makes traveling any terrain easy and effortless. Being a stroller oriented to be used from day one, it is relatively safe, both in the seat harness, in its awning, and even in its brakes’ excellent quality; this stroller is one of the safest out there.

Space and Storage

And not to mention the space, not only for your baby, but it will also have a spacious, padded, and comfortable seat for his naps, or if we have an older child, we can convert and tilt the center so that he can travel seated without any problem. We can’t complain about space by having one of the most extensive multipurpose baskets in a stroller. Although with the size of its frame, we could not expect less, you can accommodate your purchases, diaper bag, toys, and everything you need simply and maintaining easy access.

Maxi Cosi Adorra Stroller

The Adorra model, being modular, is the ideal option for parents who want everything in a single stroller. From newborn seats that are reversible to a large size but light, no matter what you are looking for, the Adorra can offer it. This modular stroller is designed to adapt our baby according to its growth. Thinking about the father’s comfort, adding details such as a padded bar that is also height adjustable. What can we say? It is an ideal stroller.

Folding and Handling

Although the Adorra stroller is quite bulky, when it comes to folding, it is a straightforward process, with a one-hand folding system and a compact size, which is not the smallest and thinnest but with a stroller of this size and functions. It is surprising how much it can be reduced, to the point of carrying it in a regular-size car trunk without any problem. The measure does not affect its ride either, being smooth and straightforward. However, it can be a bit tricky in tight spaces, and using just one hand is not recommended; it can perform very well on a crowded street or in a park with uneven ground without problems.


The seat offered by this stroller is surprising; it can go from being a newborn basket to a child’s ride in just a second; In addition to being padded and breathable, it has a large enough sun protection canopy, so we don’t worry about burns. With a padded harness and a comfortable footrest, your child will be as safe and comfortable in this seat. Even the storage area is surprising, having an enormous capacity to carry everything you need. However, it does not have as simple a scope as we would like; it more than makes up for it in its capacity.

These strollers may be expensive for many parents, and we won’t lie, they are; but let’s think about the long-term investment. The versatility, quality, and comfort they offer your baby, and the fact that we can use them with both children for several years; Are they not worth it?

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