? Peg Perego Stroller: Uno Stroller Review


This “Peg Perego Uno Stroller Review” is one of the cutest strollers in the market; it has many features like reversible handle, converts from a rear facing to a front facing stroller, footrest, Travel system compatible, adjustable handle bar and Includes child tray with cup holder etc. To make your day to day life easy with your baby it is one the best strollers you can have, different safety features & accessories make this stroller very compatible & easy to use. Read below for the Peg Perego Uno stroller. 

What We Liked

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Wheels & Maneuverability

It rolls on four wheels, two large wheels & two small wheels. The special features you will get to know in this “Peg Perego Uno Stroller Review” is you can reverse the wheels front to back or back to front. The wheels are made of rubber.

The wheels are not swivel but because of the special design of wheels you can take it for Long Park or city walk, the front wheels are swivel & can be locked straight for rough terrain.

Seat & Canopy    

  • This Peg Perego stroller is very comfortable with padded cushion & has a pram look or bassinet like flat position for infants.
  • The seat is reversible; you can reverse the seat along with wheels from front to back according to your comfort. Other strollers might not have this option.
  • The seat is made for infants to toddlers, you can use car seat adaptor to make it compatible for travelling.
  • Talking about canopy, at first look it gives a hood look but you can pull it down to give a full coverage to your baby. It gives full protection to your baby from sun & harsh weather.
  • There is no pee-ka-boo window or mesh for ventilation unlike other.

Handle & Safety 

  • There is a full handlebar (instead of two handles) on this Peg Perego stroller, which is adjustable and reversible, thus allowing you to position the baby facing towards you.
  • The handle bar is adjustable on strollers like these, so it’s a great feature for taller & shorter parents. The frame is made out of aluminum & it is very easy to move even in the narrow space.
  • All wheel suspension system is a great safety features which helps to give a smooth ride & it can absorb bumps.
  • It has one adjustable foot rest; your baby can stretch his leg according to his comfort.
  • Harness system holds your baby tight & safe; it is especially useful for toddlers as they used to be naughtier.
  • There is no safety strap is attached with the canopy or handle bar as it is important to control the speed especially when strollers are going down the hills.


The seat is large enough to carry large diaper bags & other stuffs for your baby; it is easily accessible from both the side. “Peg Perego Uno Stroller”   Includes child tray with cup holder, as well as removable parent cup holder.

But one con is there, the tray is difficult to remove which is irritating for parents. Any strollers that make it a bit more difficult to be a parent can be concerning. There is no extra pocket for storage unlike other ones; you can’t find a space for your small essentials like wallet, phone, keys etc. Nowadays it’s hard to find strollers that don’t have these options already. 


  • Weight – 24.4 pounds
  • Dimension – 40.3 x 23.8 x 41.3 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity – 45 Pounds

Material & Color

The seat has a very soft padded cushion which is very soft & easy to clean. The frame is made out of durable aluminum & all the fabric is made out of chemical free material for the sensitive skin of your baby. “Peg Perego Uno Stroller” available in sixcolor that is black, blue, grey, green , brown & red.


I would like to give a positive conclusion to this “Peg Perego Uno Stroller review”  as it has all the features which can satisfied the parents as well as their kids.there are some features which are missing as compare to other strollers but apart from that looking at the brighter side you can easily afford & invest into this durable high quality stroller. I hope you have liked this article ” Peg Perego Uno Stroller Review ” ..

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