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uppababy double stroller
Review of the best UppaBaby double baby stroller in the market right now

UPPAbaby is a family-run from America, their biggest inspiration is in every experience and the constant need for product improvement to make it more convenient, usable, and styled. They have more than ten years in this industry. Their lineup of products includes a wide variety of strollers, from lightweight to full-size, and more. Today we’ll review two of the best UppaBaby double baby stroller in the market right now, trying to help you decide if any one of these is the perfect fit for you.

UppaBaby G-Link Double Stroller

The G-Link model from UppaBaby is a reasonably light stroller. It has a weight of only 25 pounds that changes some of the double stroller models’ main characteristics, such as its four-wheel system. Its folding technique can be a bit tricky and requires both hands. We have to activate the folding lever and apply light pressure so that the car folds in half and that it folds compactly, then we adjust the locks to keep it in place, and we can transport it easily in the trunk of the car or store it in a closet. It also has the option to stand alone to prevent the fabrics from getting dirty on the floor. To deploy them, we only have to release the locks and pull them up from the handle.

Comfort and Safety

The G-Link seats have a weight capacity of 50 pounds and have independent recline and four different recline positions that can reach a fully horizontal position, making this stroller suitable for newborns. They have an adjustable footrest that can be adapted to other functions depending on your children’s size. For your baby’s safety, it has an adjustable five-point safety harness that is easy to open but not enough for a baby to do it by accident.

Each seat has a canopy for sun protection with a UPF50 factor. These canopies have a fairly broad coverage. We also have windows to watch our baby in the back, although these have a Velcro opening and closing system, which can be noisy.

UppaBaby’s Maneuverability

This UppaBaby double stroller model has a four-wheel system instead of using the three-wheel system seen in double strollers. The front wheels give us the option to lock them for when we face uneven terrain. It has a standard brake system activated from the stroller’s rear frame, is relatively smooth, and can be operated with the feet without complications.

This stroller’s maneuverability, although difficult on uneven terrains such as gravel, sand, or grass; it performs amazingly on smooth terrain, having a smooth ride and easy to handle even with one hand. Its size is practical to be a double stroller, and it can pass without any problem through doors or corridors. Although the four-wheel system can sometimes make tight turns a bit tricky, we can say that this stroller is relatively easy to drive.

Storage of the baby stroller

The storage basket of this stroller is quite broad; although it does not have such easy access from some angles, you can comfortably store anything you need. It also has a side cup holder integrated with the option to incorporate another one together if required.

UppaBaby Vista V2 Double Stroller

UppaBaby has improved its Vista V2 design with new and exciting features to be a light, compact and practical stroller with nine different configurations to place the double seats. Its design is attractive to the eye as it is built with quality materials and has luxury finishes.

This stroller is so light that even using the double configuration; it is still very manageable and comfortable for both babies and parents. Thanks to its adjustable handle covered in a leather-based material. Driving this stroller will be a relaxing and straightforward task for parents of any height.

Folding System of the stroller

It has an incredibly fast and easy operate two-hand folding system; We have to press both buttons on the sides of the chassis and fold the stroller gently. This model will be folded compactly and safely and can be kept standing thanks to its auto-lock system. It may be that the time of folding this is not the smallest car, but it does not present any problem when handling or storing it.

Vista V2’s Comfort

The stroller has a relatively large and wide seat made of high-quality porcelain materials for greater comfort for your baby. It has a reasonably wide recline range suitable even for newborns allows your baby to take a nap comfortably. In addition to this, it has an adjustable leg rest so that your baby can be comfortable at nap time. It has a five-point harness for your baby’s safety, whose shoulder straps are padded. They are also adjustable to give a more secure grip. This harness is simple to operate and does not require excessive force but is still safe enough that your child won’t accidentally activate it.

Safe and sound baby stroller

It also has a canopy as a high protection factor and excellent coverage that can be expanded using the zipper to protect your baby from the Sun at all times. This canopy has two mesh windows to give airflow and visibility of your baby at all times. It is even possible to slide it up the chassis for taller children and need more space.

The braking system is activated by a large pedal located next to the rear wheels, easily operated with the foot. This brake is easy to access and relatively safe when it comes to keeping your stroller in place, even staying stable while parked on an incline. Its storage basket is quite spacious; it is one of the most spacious on the market. It even has internal pockets and is easy to access from any angle around it.

Maneuverability of the stroller

The wheels are designed in polymer material that allows a much smoother ride for your baby. The front wheels are easy to maneuver, and their design makes tight turns relatively easy. It also gives us the option of locking the front wheels to cross more uneven roads in an uncomplicated way. It may not be designed to be an all-rounder, but this stroller performs excellently on asphalt, stone, and grass roads without any complications. Besides that, with its suspension system, the trip is not as full of jolts for your baby as you might expect; what’s more, you could say that the baby feels almost nothing.

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