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Zoe is a relatively new company in the world of babies. It is based and founded by parents who try to make day-to-day tasks with their children much easier (After all, they have already been there themselves). Its principles are based on trying to make convenient products. Which keeps your baby safe and comfortable, and all this in an accessible price range. They have an innovative feature within their products. All its models, within any line with a “+” in their name, can become double, triple, and even quadruple strollers (Depending on the model).

The model that we will review today is the Twin +. This Zoe double stroller is a side-by-side seat. It is made of resistant materials that are also quite attractive to the eye, giving it an appearance that is as beautiful as it is resistant. The belly bars and the driving bars are covered with a leather-like material. It provides a luxurious feel and comfort for grip and handling. This stroller is super easy to clean since it is made of high-quality fabric; you have to wash it and dry it in the Sun. That’s it. It’s clean and new again.


Its folding is remarkable for how fast and straightforward it is. Although it requires both hands. You have to pull the handles on the seats, and that’s all, your stroller will be ready and folded. For a double stroller, designed in materials of the quality found in the Twin +, this one is surprisingly light, weighing only 19lbs. Not only this, the overall size specs for this model are pretty compact, considering it’s a side-by-side double stroller. To deploy it, we have to release the automatic safety and pull up, again, an incredible system.


Both seats that the Twin + has can support a weight of up to 45lbs. With a somewhat limited recline capacity, you have to press the safety, and voila, your child will be reclined and comfortable to get some sleep during their ride. Since the seats’ recline does not reach completely horizontal levels, these are recommended for children three months and older. However, it has an adjustable leg rest so that your children’s legs do not hang uncomfortably and an anti-slip footrest.

Safety Features

It has a perfect and practical five-point safety harness. Since it requires a fair amount of force so that babies do not activate it by accident. Still, it also does not make it difficult for parents to open and close. The safety straps are adjustable, and these have a padded protector for greater comfort of the baby when it comes to adjusting it well in place.

It has a canopy that can be folded and unfolded in two stages, being quite extensive in its natural deployment. If we are in a very sunny climate or an environment such as the beach, we can lower a zipper. It expands it even lower to the belly bar, reaching almost full coverage. It also has a window with network protection for when we want to take a look at our baby. We should not be afraid to wake him up when doing this since it has an opening and closing system with magnets, which makes it very silent,

As if this were not enough, it also has a UPF50 protection factor so your baby can take a quiet nap and also be protected from the Sun at all times. This canopy cannot only protect your child from the Sun, but it is also waterproof to a certain level; this will give you a few extra moments to look for your rain cover, and your children will remain dry. And if we no longer need it, it can even be folded into the seat, giving a lovely appearance.


Its wheel system is impressive; This one is straightforward to maneuver and make sharp turns without any problem; besides being relatively smooth, you will be able to drive through a crowded street or a supermarket without worries or complications. Although this stroller is not made as an all-terrain vehicle, it can perform very well in different environments such as sand and gravel. However, there is a lot of shaking due to the lack of suspension. It has an incredibly smooth brake system that can be activated with the feet without any problem, so even in sandals, you can brake quickly and without risk.


The basket under the seat is quite broad to carry the twins’ things efficiently; It has easy access from any angle and has a mesh part that allows you to see anything inside.

The Twin + has enough space in its design, with small pockets behind the seats up to a basket, quite practical and removable with Velcro, so that parents can store everything they need to have on hand. It also has a pocket with a zipper to keep items like keys, wallets, and phones safely stored. There are also removable snack trays for babies, these are practical, and because you can remove them quickly, they are easy to clean.

Thanks to Zoe’s peculiar but practical and innovative characteristic, being a model with the “+,” this stroller is compatible with sliding tables for strollers, making it possible to become a quadruple stroller. Ideal for those extended families and in growth who want to safely and comfortably bring all their children together.


The Zoe Twin + is everything we need in a double stroller, and even more, it offers you quality finishes combined with resistant and robust materials. Although there are other cheaper strollers on the market, we will not lie to you. Even the Twin + itself has a standard version that does not have the same materials and finishes but is cheaper. Even so, the extra price of this Twin + is worth considering, that is, we have so many incredible features, that amount of space, its adjustable and protective canopy, the comfortable and safe seats, even its folding and braking system make this stroller Zoe’s unforgettable.

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